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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 18 June - 12 August

Sunday – 12 August 2012 – Up at 2:30 am for software deployment. At 6am still not signed off. Back to bed at 7:30 until 1130.  Then Tara and I had a handoff and she was able to get a few hours of rest. 

Saturday – 11 August 2012 – Up at 3:30 am for software deployment.  Finished about 5:30am.  Zion and Exodus got up shortly thereafter.  Took Phoenix and Zion to Lowes for the Build and Grow Saturday session. Then came home and took a nap. Saturday evening Tara and I went to Leigh Hampton’s wedding at Twin Creeks Country Club.  The wedding was held on the 13th Hole of the golf course and it was officiated by Bishop Michael Smith (not my Bishop Michael Smith).

Friday – 10 August 2012 – Worked from home. Friday night Tara and I headed to Office Max to pick up some clearance home school items. Then we drove to Cedar Park for dinner. Tara picked up Moonies to go and then we ate at Thamnak Thai. Came home early to get to bed because I had to work in the morning.

Thursday – 9 August 2012 – Midnight and Phoenix seems to be going strong. We swim until about 1230am and then we settle in on our air mattress and watch Journey 2.  15 minutes into the movie and Phoenix is knocked out. We get up about 6:15 and start to pack up our stuff and head home.  I have my first call at 8am so I work from home today.

Wednesday – 8 August 2012 – Worked @ Dell until lunch. Came home and finished out day of work. Phoenix and I headed to Dell Diamond at 5:30. Made it in time to walk in the Cub Scout Parade and then changed into shorts to enjoy the game against the Las Vegas 51’s. The Express lost the game by two runs. After all of the fans cleared the park. Phoenix and I went swimming and had pizza. Phoenix really enjoyed the hot tub.

Tuesday – 7 August 2012 – Worked from Home. After work we took the boys to “long jump” and run at Cedar Valley MS.

Monday – 6 August 2012 – Worked from Home. After work we took the boys to the splash pad in downtown Round Rock. We ran into Daniel Caldwell and his son while we were there.

Sunday – 5 August 2012 – We all got up about 6:15am and took showers and then I made breakfast and then we headed to church at 8:20.  I bore my testimony in church about the how blessed we were as compared to the 16 million children living in poverty today of which ¼ of them live in Florida. Then came home and worked on the blog and cleaned up the house in anticipation of the Hall of Fame Game. Vince Penman came by to cut off the lock to the shed and then Ms. Jackson stopped by to visit for a short spell. Then we all sat down for a yummy dinner of spilt pea soup and garlic toast. Tara finished up and I reviewed her disability report. We also moved one step closer to our trip in January to Disney World by calling the World Quest Resort and making reservations for the 6th through the 14th of January 2013. Later that evening one of the boys walked in from the back yard with the keys to the lock that Vince cut off earlier.

Saturday – 4 August 2012 – Lazy Day for all of us. Defonza, old AKPsi friend came by to pitch the new Amway.  Later in the afternoon, Tara and I went to see Total Recall (sat a few seats down from Doug and Karen Matheson) and then we had dinner at Hao Hao in Round Rock.

Friday – 3 August 2012 – Work from Home – Massage in the afternoon.  Grilled burgers for Dinner.

Thursday – 2 August 2012 – Work from Home – Helped with kids – Kelli Lowe brought a yummy Chicken and Broccoli dinner.  Tara submitted her Social Security Disability Application.

Wednesday – 1 August 2012 – Sat around hotel all day waiting from a call from surgeon/insurance company to authorize surgery for Tara’s spinal fusion. Call never came, about 3 pm headed back to Austin.

Tuesday – 31 July 2012 – Headed to the Victory Hospital for Tara to the accurascope procedure by Dr. Alo. After the procedure I went to CVS to fill a prescription for the pain. Then we headed back to the hotel so that Tara could rest. Then in the afternoon we went to the office of Dr. Lee in Sugar Land to find out that Tara no longer needed a decompression, but needed a spinal fusion. We let there and went back to the hotel and then that evening we went and picked up dinner at the Goode B-bque on Kirby.

Monday – 30 July 2012 – Woke up at 2:30 and headed out to Houston at 3am. Arrived at the Victory Medical Center at 6 and then grabbed some breakfast at Denny’s. Tara was finished with her procedure by 10 and then I took her to Denny’s for breakfast which 30 minutes later she lost outside of the hotel. She rested most of the day and I went in the afternoon to see Spiderman. Then that evening we met Matresa Allison for dinner at the Goode Seafood Company off of Kirby.

Sunday - 29 July 2012 – Stayed home and prepared for our trip to Houston. Char and John picked up Princess, and that night we dropped off the boys with Michele Steed and Chrissta.

Saturday – 28 July 2012 – Up at 2:30 in the morning for software deployment at work. Tara came down at 11am. Did not finish the software deployment until late in the afternoon.

Friday – 27 July 2012 – Worked from home

Thursday – 26 July 2012 - Worked @ Dell and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 25 July 2012 – Worked @ Dell and then taught last class of MGT 5312 @ Texas Roadhouse at Southpark Meadows.

Tuesday – 24 July 2012 – Worked from home. Barry and Margo left for Oregon today.

Monday – 23 July 2012 – Worked from Home, had an appointment with Betty Mendl, and then went to San Marcos to teach MGT 5312

Sunday – 22 July 2012

Saturday – 21 July 2012

Friday – 20 July 2012

Thursday – 19 July 2012 - Worked @ Dell and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 18 July 2012 – Worked @ Dell

Tuesday – 17 July 2012

Monday – 16 July 2012 – Worked from Home, had an appointment with Betty Mendl, and then went to San Marcos to teach MGT 5312

Sunday – 15 July 2012

Saturday – 14 July 2012

Friday – 13 July 2012 – Worked from home.

Thursday – 12 July 2012 - Worked @ Dell and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 11 July 2012 –

Tuesday – 10 July 2012 -

Monday – 09 July 2012 – Worked from Home then went to San Marcos to teach MGT 5312

Sunday – 08 July 2012 -

Saturday – 07 July 2012 -

Friday – 06 July 2012 -

Thursday – 05 July 2012 - Got up and left the hotel and then it was back to the park for more fun and rides. We headed home about 2pm in the afternoon.

Wednesday – 04 July 2012 – Headed to San Antonio to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  Hit the water park from 11am to 2pm and then went back to the hotel. At five we went to dinner at XXXXXX and then went back to the hotel until about 8pm. Then we headed back to the park for fireworks.

Tuesday – 03 July 2012

Monday – 02 July 2012– Worked from Home

Sunday – 01 July 2012

Saturday – 30 June 2012 – Started work at 2:30am and did not finish until about 5 pm that night. Bad day in the Morgan household.

Friday – 29 June 2012 – Worked from home.

Thursday – 28 June 2012 - Worked @ Dell and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 27 June 2012

Tuesday -26 June 2012 – Worked from home. Boys when over to Michele’s today. Tara parents left at mid-day.

Monday – 25 June 2012– Worked from Home then went to San Marcos to teach MGT 5312

Sunday – 24 June 2012

Saturday – 23 June 2012

Friday – 22 June 2012

Thursday – 21 June 2012 - Worked @ Dell and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 20 June 2012 – Worked @ Dell

Tuesday – 19 June 2012 – Worked from Home

Monday – 18 June 2012 – Worked from Home then went to San Marcos to teach MGT 5312

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 10-17 June 2012

Sunday - 17 June 2012 - Woke up at seven after a very fitful night of sleep. Made the bed and started updating the blog.

Saturday - 16 June 2012 - Woke up at about 7am with Zion after going to bed at midnight after the Michael Jackson Cirque show. Cleaned house for a little while and then Vince Penmen, my home teacher, knocked on the door at about 8:15. Started working in the garage on Steps 2-5 of constructing the shed. About 9:30 we moved the operation to the back yard and started on step 6. About 10:30 Mark Pope joined us. We got the sides up pretty quick and then my MIL mentioned that we should take pictures so I started taking pictures of our progress. We had lunch about 1 and then continued working until about 4:30. Mark and I talked for a while about coins and then I stopped in on Barb and Russ to tell them about our neighbor Kasey and then I went to the hospital to check on Erik, Kasey's husband.

Friday - 15 June 2012 - Worked @ home in the morning and had several call. Then at 1:30 had an appointment at LCM. Stopped by Fry's and Harbor Freight on my way home. At Fry's I signed up for Direct TV. Then I came home to have a meeting with the Great Oaks PTA Box Tops Coordinator. After the meeting I took a quick shower and Tara and I headed to St. David's Round Rock to visit our neighbor Kasey Wiley Butler. I went back to the ICU room to talk with Erik Butler and gave him a hug and received and update on Kasey's condition. Afterwards Tara and I headed to Arbor Walk to have dinner at Lupe Tortilla but they had an hour wait list so we went to Mimi's instead. After dinner we drove down to the Frank Irwin Center to settle in to watch Cirque du Soliel's Michael Jackson's Immortal Concert. I can truly say this was the best show that I have every seen in my life.

Thursday - 14 June 2012 - Worked @ Dell, then went to school and taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday - 13 June 2012 - Worked at Dell. Then came home and FIL and I inventoried shed contents and then I worked on step 1.

Tuesday - 12 June 2012 - Worked @ home. Went into work at 11am to meet with Stacey Zoll to discuss a different BSA position within IT. Cub Scout meeting at 5:30. Great meeting very emotional. (Insert Picture)

Monday - 11 June 2012 - Worked @ home. MGT 5312 Great Class.

Sunday - 10 June 2012 - Church, taught Sunday School, then came home and picked up around the house.

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 27 May - 9 June 2012

Saturday - 9 June 2012 - Barry and I took Phoenix and Zion to Lowes for a Build and Grow session. Took Margo out to Rudy's to enjoy her birthday Texas Style.

Friday - 8 June 2012 - Headed out to Leander to Nick Passe's for a night of relaxation with the fellas.

Thursday - 7 June 2012 - Worked @ Dell and then went to the Round Rock Center for the first night of MGT 4375. Have almost 40 students,

Wednesday - 6 June 2012 - Worked @ Dell.

Tuesday - 5 June 2012 - Worked from home.

Monday - 4 June 2012 - Worked from home. Headed to San Marcos on my lunch hour and worked the remainder of my day from my office (318) in McCoy Hall. Picked up mail and keys to the building and classroom with Pam and Paula. Then started class promply at 6pm. Only have four total stutdents and all of them are MAcy students three of which are graduating this August. One of my students Miguel Moreno commented that we worked together at Jeweler's National Bank back in 1997.

Sunday - 3 June 2012 - Sunday morning I got up took my shower and prepared breakfast for everyone. Then we all went to church and Barry bared his testimony of of the truthfulness of the gospel. I taught my Sunday School lesson (#18) and then went to Priesthood. At the start of the lesson I had to run home to take care of some business and then I went back to pick up Barry and then head home. Made lunch for the boy and then we put Exodus down for a nap. Ate lunch, then watched some TV and then took a short nap. Got up at 4 to make Johnny Cakes, and fresh Zuchinni Bread. After dinner took loaf of z-bread to the Morrows and to G & Jill and then stopped by the Wrights to give Lynden a cross stitch program and show him some of my cross stitch.

Saturday – 02 June 2012 - Tara and I went to the last show of the season at Bass Concert Hall:  Les Miserables.

Friday – 01 June 2012

Thursday – 31 May 2012 - Worked @ Dell.

Wednesday – 30 May 2012 - Worked @ Dell.

Tuesday – 29 May 2012 - Worked from home.

Monday – 28 May 2012 - Celebrated Phoenix's birthday at Gattiland with the Steeds, Delis', and Hinze families.

Sunday – 27 May 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 21 April -26 May 2012

Saturday - 26 May 2012 - Got to sleep in finally with out being sick or having to be somewhere. Woke up about 8am and then started working on the last month of blog. Was just commenting to my FIL the other day that you can't get to far behind or you start to forget things that you have done. Looking forward to the rest of the day. Going to clean up the garage a bit, work on the pantry and lay a few more bricks for my non HOA approved cinder block foundation for my new 10x12 storage unit. Later today at 4:30 we are meeting the Hinze family at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Benson's graduation dinner, and then out to the Cedar Park Center for the McNeil High School Graduation.

Friday - 25 May 2012 - Worked from home in the morning. Had the Beast towed to 620 Auto. Then in the afternoon I met up with Brenda and Gary Peek to help them move. Worked with them for several hours and then came home to mow the yard and take care of the boys while Tara met up with Deb Pope and Beth Delis as they attended the taping of The X-Factor at the Frank Irwin Center.

Thursday - 24 May 2012 - Worked from home on Thursday. Had to go at lunch time and pick up Phoenix at school b/c he had hit another boy on the playground. Then at 1:30 we had to take Phoenix to see Dr. Richards. She indicated that she believed that some of Phoenix's aggression was being cause by the Kepra.

Wednesday - 23 May 2012 - Got up early and went in early for our Wednesday morning briefing. My time had come up to brief the GBS and APOS stuff that I am now responsible for. Then I had a 1x1 with my manager and afterwards I went to The Well at Dell Health Center at Parmer South. PA said I mostly likely had a virus, but to be safe she ran some bloods tests and then sent me back to the health center at RR7 to have a strep test run. Afterwards I went home and got some more rest. All the while Tara has been feeling like dirt and had the same thing that Zion and I picked up. Tara took Princess to the vet b/c she has been sick. Later that evening I had to pick up an Rx from People's Pharmacy that cost $42 that had to be compounded.

Tuesday - 22 May 2012 - Felt a little better on Tuesday morning and worked from home, but by lunch time my fever was 102.6 so I laid down again to get some rest. Got up later in the evening and finished working on my slides for Liz's Wednesday morning briefing.

Monday - 21 May 2012 - Monday morning I got up and worked from home. I was supposed to be off b/c of working a deployment on Saturday, but by noon I was feeling terrible and had a temperature of 104. My fever broke late Monday night early Tuesday.

Sunday - 20 May 2012 - Zion woke up complaining that his stomach was not feeling well. We all attended church and then the Hinze's and the Seale's over for dinner. By later in the day Zion really was not feeling too good and then Tara said that she was not feeling well . Tara's mom made two roasts with potatoes and carrots which was absolutely delicious.

Saturday - 19 May 2012 - I got up and went to Harbor Freight with my FIL and then took both he and Phoenix to the end of the year Cub Scout party at Brushy Creek Lake Park. I left them there and I came home to start work on a deployment. Tara had to take Exodus to Treehouse at 11 to get another antibotic/steroid. I finished work at about 6:30pm and then later that evening I hit OfficeMax and CVS.

Friday - 18 May 2012 - Day 3 at Texan Eye in the morning. Then at lunch I hit Staples to use $20 in recycling credits to use. Tara and her parents went to Cedar Valley to check out Madi in one of her productions. Late afternoon I went to see Battleship at Gateway. Then that evening I purchased a chair for my mom from OfficeMax

Thursday - 17 May 2012

Wednesday - 16 May 2012 - Went to work @ Dell and then that evening Tara and I had a date night where went up to the mall to have dinner. We ran in to Claire's family (all of them and met her brother (A&M-Engineer) and sister (Texas-PA). Tara had a burger and I had a hotdog. After dinner we went to Jared to look at rings.

Tuesday - 15 May 2012 - Worked from home. Had a Cub Scout Parent night at 7pm. Tara and her parents went to Logan's to celebrate Natalie's birthday. We gave her a cute purple Coach purse.

Monday - 14 May 2012

Sunday - 13 May 2012 - I got up and made breakfast for everyone and then gave Tara and her mom their new Coach bags for Mother's Day. I gave my talk about how Priesthood leaders should take more responsibility at home in regards to prayer, scripture reading and family home evening.

Saturday - 12 May 2012 -

Friday - 11 May 2012 - Worked from home

Thursday - 10 May 2012 - Worked @ Dell

Wednesday - 09 May 2012 - Worked @ Dell

Tuesday - 08 May 2012 - Worked from home

Monday - 07 May 2012 - Took today off from work for Tara's Birthday - Took Tara, Barry, Margo, Chrissta, Beth to Fogo de Chao for lunch. While we were there, I ran into Mike Smith from the Austin Ward.

Sunday – 6 May 2012 – Went to bed a midnight and took Princess out to pee in the rain. Then got up and six and took her out again. Tara had the three o’clock wake up. Tara started the shower and then turned it off because she did not have any hot water and it was then that I realized that I had not plugged the hot water heater back in. I fixed breakfast for everyone and then we took two cars to church. I bared my testimony about my interview with Concordia. Then I taught Chapter 16 about holding on to the iron rod in Sunday school. Had all of my regular students, plus Emory Morrow and Kate Bean. Had the Hine’s over for Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner.  Then we all celebrated Tara’s birthday with Krispy Kreme that I had picked up on Saturday night. Gave her some new Texas State shirts and a new White and Grey Leather Coach Bag with a purple lining.

Saturday – 5 May 2012 – Up with the boys at 6am. Made two pound cakes.  Weeded and turned soil in both of the raised beds. Then met with Teresa Zell at 1045 to drop of an MBA recommendation, stopped by Home Depot, then dropped off some ink cartridges at my moms. Then came home and Barry and I went to G-Man’s crawfish boiled and hung out with the Dellis’.  In the afternoon Tara and her mom went to Phoenix game and then came to the house and picked up Sarita and the boys and went to the Great Oaks Carnival. Moved the cable box into the guest room, changed the temp on the hot water heater and fixed two boards on the fence.

Friday – 4 May 2012 – Keystone all day. Tara came for lunch and we went to the Seoul Korea House for lunch and then had a 1:30 appointment at LCM. Saw Avengers at Regal at the Arboretum.

Thursday – 3 May 2012 – Worked @ Dell all day and then came home and we all hung out.

Wednesday – 2 May 2012 – Boys to see Dr. Joey. Wednesday afternoon the Hinze kids came by to see their grandparents. We all had scalloped potatoes and sausage for dinner.

Tuesday – 1 May 2012 – Keystone all day. Saw Safe at Regal at the Arboretum.  Tara and Beth picked up the Clift’s at 1:30 and did not get home until 3am and then we got to bed about 4am. Called in about 6 and worked from home instead of going in.

Monday – 30 April 2012 – Went to Dr. Stovall, lunch at Whataburger, MRI at 6 and then was cancelled. Phoenix did not go to soccer practice.

Sunday – 29 April 2012 – Stay home from Church today. Had a relaxing day at home with the boys watching TV, napping, and hanging out.

Saturday – 28 April 2012 – Woke up at 5 am and took Princess out and she finally went poop in the back yard.  I was so proud of her. Then I took her upstairs and put her back in her kennel and then about 30 minutes Exodus actually used his words to say that he was ready to get up (he normally just screams and throws all of his bedding out of the crib). I then spent the morning cutting coupons and picking up around the house. Zion got up about 6:30 and Phoenix got up about 7. By 8 am Phoenix was tripping because he could find any of his other than his Crocs which he did not want to wear outside. Tara got up about 9 and then took all the boys to Cat Hollow Park to meet the Morrows.

Friday 27 April 2012– Worked from home. Had an appointment at Texas Eye and then came home for a two more meetings. Then I went with Tara to the Great Oaks Vet for Princess’ first well check and shots. Saved a ton of money by signing up for a pet plan for $350 which will end up savings us over $300. In the evening I realized about an hour late that I was supposed to bid on a few items for my coworker Jamie. Tara and I went to see the remake of 21 Jumpstreet.

Thursday – 26 April 2012 – Worked @ Dell. After work drove home to change cars and then the family went to the Round Rock Campus for the Student Leadership and Activities Organization (SLAO) potluck. Afterwards we shipped Lisa’s birthday present.

Wednesday – 25 April 2012 – Received guidance from my manager that my skip level’s Wednesday morning briefing was optional for those not presenting. I called in from the car for the 730 and gave my name and then skip level made it very clear that she wanted all Austin personnel in the office and at the meeting, so I high tailed into the office. Jamie and I went to Pluckers for the March of Dimes fundraiser. After work,

Tuesday – 24 April – Received and email from an old friend at DADS that Concordia was looking for PhDs who were Christian to teach in their MBA program. I then obtained the MBA Coordinators phone number and left her a message about 10am. At 12:30 she called me back and we basically had a phone interview.  It was evident that she was about to pull the trigger on hiring me when she asked if I was a Christian and I told her, “yes, I am a Mormon loud and proud,” in which she then proceeded to tell me that she could not hire me because Concordia, a Lutheran funded school, did not recognize Mormons as a Christian faith.

 Monday – 23 April 2012 – Worked from home in the morning and then delivered Meals on Wheels at 1030.  We had a quick family home evening lesson where I showed the boys the difference between purchasing Kona Ice from the school for $5 versus paying $1 for the same size Icee from the Signature store. After dinner, Phoenix and I went to the YMCA fields for soccer practice.

Sunday – 22 April 2012 – We got up and I prepared breakfast and got everyone ready for church. As we were about to leave Zion developed a really bad nose bleed and so Tara stayed at home with him and Exodus. Phoenix and I went to Sacrament Meeting and stay in the last pew with Jill Mast.  Right before the start of the meeting I made eye contact with Bishop Allison and made my way to the stand so that I could bless the sacrament. Phoenix moved to the cheap seat and sat with Josh and Xander. I taught my Sunday School class and then had to run home for a quick break and then headed back to have Priesthood outside due to the floor in the cultural hall being refinished. After church I went to home teach the Swans at noon and the Kinchens at 1pm. Afterwards I came home and then Tara left to meet up with Beth Delis whose brother had passed a few days earlier. For dinner Tara made homemade cordon bleu which was yummy.
Saturday – 21 April 2012 – For some strange reason I was up at 4:20 am and unable to go back to sleep so I decided to come downstairs and work on the blog. Took Princess out for her morning sabbatical and it was really cold…..only 48 degrees. Did some work around the house and then got Tara up about 645 so that I could take The Beast to Sam’s to pick up a new mattress. While there I asked about a desk that Tara and I had seen before. The manager marked the desk down from $278 to $229. We got the mattress loaded on the truck and then as they were loading the desk I noticed some damage that we could not see when we in the store due to the location of the desk. We had the manager come out and look at the desk and then I decided to return the desk. The Beast got me and the mattress back home and then Tara and I were able to use the furniture dolly to move it to the garage. Phoenix had a soccer game at noon and I stayed at home with the two younger boys. Saturday night Tara and I went to see Think Like a Man at Tinsletown which we bo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 30 March - 20 April 2012

Friday – 20 April 2012 – Friday morning I was up early so that I could go by Home Depot and then work from my mom’s. Had several meetings in the morning and was also able to get her washer and dryer hooked up (after another trip to HD, then hooked up her printer and then left at 1130 for a massage at LCM. Tara had an appointment in Taylor. Afterwards I came home to finish work with one final meeting with my new manager to find out that I will be moving into the APOS (After Point of Sale) space with Product Data becoming my secondary area. @ 430 on Friday received an email and voicemail from Judy Dietert asking if I would teach a graduate class for 8 weeks in San Marcos this summer. Friday night Tara and I returned vacuums to WalMart and Bed Bath and Beyond with one more trip to Sam’s to check out the new mattress (Sealy Eurotop).

Thursday – 19 April 2012 – Found out it was official at work that Ken would be my new manager and that I would be cross training in APOS. Tara took the boys to see Dr. Joey. Thursday afternoon I met with my chair, Paula Rechner and Assistant Judy Dietert to discuss some department issues at school and then we at attended the Management Forum for Round Rock student.

Wednesday – 18 April 2012 – Went into the office early today to brief my skip level manager, Liz on Digital Fulfillment. My portion of the briefing went well and Liz commented that she wanted everyone else’s slide to look similar to mine. Tara picked up Princess from Jennifer Dial and then brought her by the office and all of  my coworkers went down to meet her. After work I went to see the new movie Lockout  and then came home to finish planting our cucumbers and squash.

Tuesday – 17 April 2012 – Worked from home. Then went to teach MGT 4370

Monday – 16 April 2012 – Worked from home. Delivered MoWs.

Sunday – 15 April 2012 – Tara got up with the boys and then we went to the last two hours of church so that I could teach my Sunday School Class and the boys could attend Primary. Afterwards we came home and changed clothes to feed the boys. We went to meet my friend Matresa at the Satlick for a late lunch but there was a 1-hour wait (Round Rock Express were playing) plus we found out that as of 1 April 2012 they were no longer serving the $24.95 prime rib. Matresa loaded up her boys and we loaded ours up and went down the street to eat at McDonalds.  We stayed there about an hour or so to catch up.

Saturday – 14 April 2012 – Got up at 7am with the boys and the baby was in rare form.  Once I got everybody dress and fueled up for the morning I was able to get the kitchen in order and then my friend Matresa texted me at about 0830 and we made plans to meet up with them before Phoenix’s soccer game this morning.

Friday – 13 April 2012 - Friday I worked from home, Tara had car pool, Phoenix had a good day at school. On my lunch hour I turned in my dry cleaning and picked up to sets of clothes from September 2011 that I had forgot about at Rick’s Cleaners. Then I hit the bank and then the post office to mail some packages. After work Tara took me to pick up the Beast. Then we went and ran errands (Pet Smart to get a cage for Princess, REI to get some Free Five Fingers, and the Home Depot to get a Dyson DC35.). For dinner I had coupons for free wings at Pluckers so we stopped at the one on 35 for dinner. As we were finishing up with dinner,  Michael Owuor said hello and we talked for a while. When we got home about 10 I was checking Facebook and realized that one of my friends from middle and high school was in town for a baseball tourney at Old Settler’s Park.

Thursday -12 April 2012 – Worked in the office and then taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday – 11 April 2012 – Stayed home sick today. Tara took the boys to see Dr. Joey at midday. In the afternoon, I went into Great Oaks Family Practice and Deb put me on a 10-day regimine of antibiotics.

Tuesday – 10 April 2012 – Worked from home and the on my way to teach MGT 4370, I stopped by Brother Reese’s home to ask about his storage room that he built and then he showed me the plane that he is building in his garage for his wife. To say the least, I was very impressed..

Monday – 9 April 2012 – Got up before work and mowed and edged Barb and Russ’ yard. Worked from home in the morning. I dropped of Meka’s laptop with the Banks. Tara had an appointment with Dr. Stovall only to find out that she has another herniated disk on her L5. Then delivered Meals on Wheels. Ramen for lunch and then more meetings in the afternoon. After work started cleaning the upstairs family room. Then we all had dinner and at 7pm we met Michele Steed at Brushy Creek Lake Park for family pictures.

Sunday – 8 April 2012 – Up at 6am to get ready for church. My week to make breakfast. Then off to church at 0820. I assisted with administering the sacrament. Then taught Sunday School and went to Elder’s Quorum.  After church we changed clothes and then went to lunch at the Hinze Residence. Came home at 2pm and Tara and the boys took at nap. I made Sunday dinner which consisted of meat loaf, corn on the cob, sweet peas, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuts. After dinner we took some beef jerky to my mom and then stopped by Yogurt Experience. When we got home we Skyped with family in Oregon.

Saturday – 7 April 2012. Up at 630 and then out the door at 7:30 to drop off an Easter Lilly plant for my mom and then at 8am we had the Sprout’s Easter Egg Hunt with the Banks. Then at 10am we had the Delis Baptism and for the confirmation I was invited into the Priesthood Circle. Afterwards we attended a family luncheon at the Delis’ in Avery Ranch. At 2pm we went to mall to see an old friend, Leny Osegeda. Afterwards we stopped by Walmart and then came home. The baby and I took a nap and then I got up and started putting together buckets for the next week. That evening about 930 I had to make a last minute run to HEB  and got to talk to Tiffany Barber and G-Mast. I also saw Bishop Romero, and the Bolligers.

Friday – 6 April 2012 – Slept until 0730 and then go up and lazed around the house until about 10 when I was supposed to pick up the truck.  When I arrived we had the wrong alternator again. Had to run to Autozone and then sent Tara home so that she could take the boys to the Waldorfs for an Egg Decorating Party. Marvin, the mechanic, brought me home and then we chilled until the afternoon and then Tara took me to pick up the truck.  I drove the truck to the Signature at Cornerwood  and 620 and filled it up with

Thursday – 5 April 2012 – Worked in the office. Mike Dowling installed the new French Doors at the house.

Wednesday – 4 April 2012 – Worked in the office. The boys went to see Dr. Joey at 1115.

Tuesday – 3 April 2012 – Worked from home and then went to teach MGT 4370.

Monday – 2 April 2012 – Worked from Home. Delivered MoWs.

Sunday – 1 April 2012 – Watched Conference in the morning and then in the afternoon we all went to see the Toro’s play at the Cedar Park Center.

Saturday – 31 March 2012 – Home teaching families over for conference. Tara to Phoenix’s game

Friday – 30 March 2012 – Work from home. Friday night we went to Home Depot to purchase new French Doors to replace the sliding glass door. 

Morgan Family Week in Review - 10 March - 29 March 2012

Thursday – 29 March 2012 - Worked from home. Then taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday – 28 March 2012 – Worked in the office in the morning. Had 1x1 with my manger and then went home at 1pm. Met Tara at Bushes about 1:30 and then went home and took a nap. Called the manager who hired me at about 4 and then later that evening took the family to the Yogurt Experience.

Tuesday – 27 March 2012 – Worked @ Dell. Then taught MGT 4370.

Monday – 26 March 2012 - Worked from home.

Sunday – 25 March 2012 – I got up and took Faith for her morning walk. In Fast and Testimony meeting, I bore my testimony about Blacks and the Priesthood and also about home teaching. Many of the ward members came up and hugged me and told me that they really were moved by my words today.

Saturday – 24 March 2012 – I got up with the boys and then took Faith for her morning walk. Tara got up at 10. Then I went to check on the Truck. Should be ready by next Wednesday. Then I went to Petco to sign up for pet training (we had a $20 coupon that expired on Sunday.) Afterwards I worked on Meka computer the rest of the afternoon.

Friday – 23 March 2012 – Work / Then headed to San Marcos and meet with Paula Rechner / Then had short time with Brian Miller / and then headed to the San Marcos Conference Center for the 10th Anniversary of the Education Doctoral Program. I sat with Julie Diehl from my cohort. The only other person from cohort 03 was Pam Johnson.

Thursday – 22 March 2012 – Work / School

Wednesday – 21 March 2012 – Received accolade during morning meeting at work and then received some unfavorable news at work today, Meet Tara at Bush's and told Tara about it and then called my old boss at Dell and received some good advice from him. After dinner we took the boys to the Yogurt Experience.

Tuesday - 20 March 2012 – Worked in the office today

Monday – 19 March 2012 – Work from home. Tara was able to get Dr. to call in a prescription for Imitrix.

Sunday – 18 March 2012 – Stayed at home today. Did not attend church. Tara had a very bad migraine.
Later in the evening I took the boys to Great Oaks to play some basketball. We played until made two baskets.

Saturday – 17 March 2012 – Vern's 5k/ Ihop / Massages / Maru / Naps / Tara in bed at 3pm

Friday – 16 March 2012 – Estancia/Movies/Home

Thursday – 15 March 2012 – Work from home / Tara & Beth and Boys to Waco Zoo / Rodeo and The Band Perry – Meka overnight

Wednesday – 14 March 2012 – Worked @ Dell / Tara and Boys to Jumpstreet

Tuesday – 13 March 2012 – Six Flags / Meet with Allen Johnson

Monday – 12 March 2012 – Worked from Home / Gattiland for dinner with Hinze's

Sunday – 11 March 2012 – Church / Home

Saturday – 10 March 2012 – Tara up with the boys at about 6:30 and then I got up a little after 7 and started working on the blog. Tara came up at 7:30 to tell me that Jennifer Dial said we could have one of the puppies.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 27 February - 9 March 2012

Friday – 9 March 2012 – Worked at home in the morning and then had lunch with my Mom and Zion. For dinner with me the Peeks at Baris and then after dinner we went to Tinsletown to see Friends with Kids. On the way home Tara was checking her Facebook and saw that Jennifer Dial's dogs had three little beautiful puppies. Tara sent Jennifer a message that we wanted one of her new born toy Yorkie/Poo mix puppies.

Thursday – 8 March 2012 – Jumped up out of bed and headed to Temple for a VA appointment. While teaching MGT 4375 we had a Power outage and after about 20 minutes I released the class and then went to Cinemark to the the new movie Chronicle. While I went to Texas State to teach Tara picked up Natalie and went to see the new Tyler Perry movie. During Tara's movie her dad called to say they were coming 1 May – 26 Jun.

Wednesday – 7 March 2012 – @Dell / Dinner at Mesa Rosa

Tuesday – 6 March 2012 - @Dell / MGT 4370

Monday – 5 March 2012 – Meals on Wheels / Auto Z / Check on Truck

Sunday – 4 March 2012 – Church/Kite Festival/Pepperrock Park for Madi's Birthday

Saturday – 3 March 2012 – I woke up to the sound of Exdous yelling from his crib at 6am. Knocked out a couple of loads of laundry, gave the boys their medicine, got them dressed and then took the two older boys to Home Depot to get the Echo trimmer fixed (bad gas) and to build a project (NASCAR Racer). When I came home, Tara took Phoenix to see the Lorax and I mowed our yard and the Mary Helen's front yard while checking on the two younger boys about ever 10 minutes. For lunch I took Zion and Exodus to Jack in the Box then we stopped and got gas, hit Autozone, and then home for naps.

Friday – 2 March 2012 – Work from home/Massage/BioLife/Act of Valor/Freebirds

Thursday – 1 March 2012 – Work from Home/MGT 4375/Relief Society

Wednesday – 29 February 2012 – Work in Office/Home/Burned Chicken on the grill /Hao Haos

Tuesday – 28 February 2012 – Work in Office/MGT 4370

Monday – 27 February 2012 – Got up early and mowed my front yard before work and Mary Helen stopped by to say that her father had passed away last Thursday. She said that the viewing would be from 6-8 pm at Corley, Weed, and Fish on Lamar. That night I headed down for the viewing about 7 pm and talked to Mary Helen and her kids for a while and then headed home.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 19 - 26 February 2012

Sunday – 26 February 2012 – Tara was not feeling well when we got up a 6am and got back in bed. I made breakfast for the boys and then prepared for Sunday School Lesson #8. I came home made lunch for me and the boys and then took a short nap. Started working on the blog for the week and then started to get dinner ready for the boys.

Saturday – 25 February 2012 – The morning was cold when I got up so we turned on the heat. We just all lazed around the house until we had lunch and then left for Zion's game at 12:30. This was a great day as Zion scored not one but two goals today. Saturday evening Tara and I had little date by going to see “This Means War” in Cedar Park. Afterwards we went to Rosa for a quick dinner and then made stops by CVS and HEB.

Friday – 24 February 2012 – Friday was a stressful :day at work which started at about 0630 with several meetings. Then the MDCP nurse made a visit to the house at 1030 and then I had lunch with Nicole Watson at 12:30. I then went back to work until about 1630. At 1730 Todd and Katie Sierer picked us up for dinner at Fino's. Dinner was a fabulous feast of tapas and small plates!

Thursday – 23 February 2012 – Thursday morning had Tara running back and forth with her first stop was carpool and then she went to Starbucks to get Chrissta a birthday hot chocolate. Then later that morning she had an appointment with Allison and the an appointment at BioLife that last almost two hours to find out that she could not be a plasma donor. Thursday I worked in the office due to several all-hands meetings in which they announced the Corporate modifiers for this years bonus payouts. Thursday night we took the boys up to church to watch Xander compete in the Pinewood Derby. While we were there Brother Pace came up and thanked me for turning him on to the MDCP program.

Wednesday - 22 February 2012- Worked from home. Wednesday night we all headed to the Dell Diamond to watch the Texas State Bobcats play the Baylor Bears in baseball. We sat next to the the Wiabels and had a great time.

Tuesday – 21 February 2012 - Worked from home. Tuesday night I taught MGT 4370.

Monday – 20 February 2012- Monday I worked in the office because I was supposed to have a face to face with my skip level manager but one person called in sick and it was decided to have the meeting by conference call. Continued working for the office and then after work I stopped by my mom's house to fix her printer and take out her trash.

Sunday – 19 February 2012 – We went to church and had a very relaxing day and then I grilled rib-eyes for dinner for the family.

Morgan Family Week in Review - 29 January - 18 February 2011

Saturday - 18 February 2012 – Got up with the boys at 6:30, Phoenix had an accident in the bathroom, but at least he took the initiative to clean it up himself. Zion had a 9 am game in which he scored his first goal. Then Tara, Zion, and I went to Ikea and had breakfast and pick up several more blue buckets for the boy’s toy room. Then we went by Office Max to purchase a new chair for the office. Afterwards we made stops by Sam’s and HEB to pick up the last few items for our Home & Visiting Teaching Cookout. Guest for the cookout started arriving at 4:30 (Swans,
Dewey’s, Baldwin’s, Kinchen’s) and later in the evening the Cannon’s. I fired up the grill and then we all had dinner at 5:30 and then had a short lesson, and then about 6:30 we started up the chocolate fountain. The Cannon’s were the last to leave about 8 pm and then we cleaned up and headed to bed.

Friday – 17 February 2012 – Friday was a work day. At lunch I went to LCM. Tara took younger boys on play date to Chick-fil-a with Beth, Kelly and Vee. In the evening Tara and I when to CVS, Michaels, Walgreens, and then ate at Golden Corral. Afterwards we stopped at the Mattress Firm Clearance centers. We were supposed to go to Dave and Busters, but the weather was getting bad so we just went home at about 9pm.

Thursday – 16 February 2012 – Thursday was a work day from home. Thursday night I taught MGT 4375 and Tara when to an Relief Society Cooking event to learn how to make Vietnamese Dumplings.

Wednesday – 15 February 2012 – Wednesday I worked in the office through lunch and then I left early to go to the chiropracter and then came home. I finally finished filing our taxes. Then after dinner Phoenix and I went on a walk to the fig tree trail.

Tuesday – 14 February 2012 – The day started by getting up for a12:30 meeting, but once I got up the meeting was cancelled but I could not go back to sleep so I just began to get some work done and the next thing I knew it as 5:30 am. I laid down for a an hour and then got up and headed into the office and worked until 11. Then I hit a few stores to prepare for Valentines. On my way home I stopped in at Papa Murhpy’s and purchased 6 heart shaped pizzas that I then delivered to: Peeks, Masts, McCarthys, Buhls, Sages, with the 6th leftover for the boys. Tara and I went to see The Vow at 3:45pm and then headed to the Saltgrass at 6. We had an hour wait and then we enjoyed a nice romantic dinner with 400 other people.

Monday – 13 February 2012 – Nothing much to report.

Sunday – 12 February 2012 – Sunday we went to church, I taught my Sunday School class and then we came home to relax. The Delis and the Lowe families came over for a dinner of pulled pork and eschbeche.

Saturday - 11 February 2012 – Zion had a 1 pm Soccer game

Friday – 10 February 2012 – Zion and Exodus had a Valentine party at Heather Jim’s house.

Thursday – 9 February 2012 – Worked from home and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 8 February 2012 – Missionaries came over for a dinner of pizza and salad.

Tuesday – 7 February 2012 – Worked in the office and then taught MGT 4370

Monday – 6 February 2012 – Worked from home.

Sunday – 5 February 2012 – Superbowl Sunday. We attended church and then came home. I picked up 100 chicken wings from Pluckers and then we settled in to a day of pregame shows and then eventually the game.

Saturday - 4 February 2012 – Meka pulled an overnight so she got off at 9 so I was up a few hours later with all of the boys. Zion had a 11pm soccer game. Saturday evening I turned my iphone back into AT&T and then we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill (we had $35 in gift certificates)

Friday – 3 February 2012 – Work day and then Tara and I headed to San Antonio at 4pm for the Chris Cagle concert. On our way down we called the venue, Cowboys and found out that the concert was not going to start until 11pm. When we arrived in San Antonio at 6pm we had dinner at Jim’s and then we went to the movies to see The Man on a Ledge. We arrived at Cowboys at
9:30 and then I started to work my magic to get in line at the Meet and Greet.
At about 11 Tara and I got to meet Chris Cagle and take a picture and then the
concert started about 1130. The concert was over about 1:45 and then we started
to make our way home with a side stop in South Austin at Ihop. We finally made
it home and into bed at 4 am.

Thursday – 2 February 2012 – Worked from hone and the taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday – 1 February 2012 – Tara had her follow with Dr. Stovall at 10:30 in the morning.

Tuesday – 31 January 2012 – Went into the office and then taught MGT 4370

Monday – 30 January 2012 – Worked from home

Sunday – 29 January 2012 – I spent the majority of the day in bed after tweaking my back at Zion’s soccer game yesterday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 29 January - 3 February 2012

Saturday - 4 February 2012

Friday - 3 February 2012

Thursday - 2 February 2012

Wednesday - 1 February 2012 - Worked in the office today. The neatest thing that I can report on is the fact that a problem that the business has been working on for the past year, I was able to get solved.

Tuesday - 31 January 2012 - On Tuesday I worked at the office and went to lunch with Jamie E. After work I headed up to school and have several meetings with students before class. Then at 6:30 I had my class attend the Dr. Dwight Watson's presentation, Dr. King, The Church, and Civil Rights. Then we started class at 7:45 which made for a long night.

Monday - 30 January 2012 - Monday I worked from home and did my Meals on Wheels route at 10:45. Tara and I had lunch together at the Mexican Restaurant and then I went home to finish up some work. At 3 pm I headed up the the Round Rock Campus of Texas State to attend the retirment reception for Barbara Herdman who I have been working with since I started teaching 12 years ago.

Sunday - 29 January 2012 - Tara let me sleep in because my back was hurting. I must have tweaked it yesterday at Zion's soccer game. Finally got up in the afternoon and put away some laundary and picked up while I watched the Pro Bowl. We had pork chops for dinner and we had Frog Eye Salad for dessert.