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Monday, June 27, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 19 - 25 Jun 2011

Father's Day began with being awoke to three very loud boys and a poster board sized Happy Father's Day card. At 0900 we met my mom for breakfast at the 620 Cafe. After breakfast we headed to church where I taught my Sunday School lesson and all the boys went to their 2nd and 3rd hours classes. After church we came home and the Hinzes' came over for a short time and then I fired up the grill for some steak and lobster.

On Tuesday Tara took the boys for a car seat fitting where she scored two new car seats for the boys. Then afterwards Tara met Kelly and Beth for lunch. On Tuesday Lisa Hancock came over to watch the boys. She will be working for us over the next 10 days until she leaves for Utah and then comes back to get sealed in early August. The boys really love having her as she worked for us last summer for about three months.

On Thursday morning I was able to get in a three mile run. Thursday night was the 4th night of school. I am really enjoying my summer class as the students seem especially engaged this summer.

On Friday I ran another three miles. Then that afternoon, I had a massage appointment at TLCS. Then on Friday night Tara and I went to dinner at Logan's and then we went to see X-Men First Class. It was so nice for the two of us to get away that afterwards we just stood in WalMart watching people til it was time to go home.

On Saturday I woke up early and headed to Lowes to purchase to more 48 inch Hyloft racks for the garage. Then I spent the better part of the day moving items in the garage to make room so that the systems could be installed. On Saturday night Tara and I headed out to dinner and a movie again.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 12 -18 June 2011

Sunday started with attendance at Sacrament. I taught my Sunday School Class and the lesson was about Heber G. Grant, Success Through Reliance on the Lord. We made it til the beginning of Priesthood, and boys needed to get home to take a nap (Phoenix was coughing and crying and Zion would not sit still in his class). Sunday evening we invited two families over for dinner: the Ryan and Joanie Harbor and the Perry & Krista Seale along with Perry's brother. Tara made Hawaiian Haystacks which has become a staple for Sunday dinners in our home.

Monday Tara took her friend Bridget to lunch for her birthday.

Tuesday morning Tara took the boys to see The Spongebob Movie at the Dollar Theater in Round Rock. At work on Tuesday we had a potluck in which included main dishes from India. It was all very good and tasty....but very hot and spicy. Here are a few pictures from the Potluck:

I worked in the office at Dell, Monday through Thursday with my partner Julie Diep (she is a remote worker from Houston) and then took Friday as a personal day. Had a lazy morning in which I watched a movie, then Tara, Exodus, and I went to a faculty and staff appreciation luncheon at the Round Rock Campus. Afterwards I was going to spend the afternoon visiting with my friend, Justin, while his wife got a massage, but stubborn as he was he did not leave his office, so I went back home and Tara and I worked on a new puzzle together while the boys were napping.

Saturday morning I had a date with Zion and I took him to breakfast and then we went shopping for fresh fruit at the Round Rock Farmer's Market. Once I got home with Zion, Tara took Phoenix over to Treehouse Pediatrics because he has been coughing for the past week. We had at 1040 appointment at JC Penney for our 2nd Annual Father's day photo session. Later that evening we packed up one more time and took the boys for dessert at The Yogurt Experience.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 5-11 June 2011

The week started with Fast Sunday and two of the three boys being sick (Zion and Exodus). Tara stayed home with them while Phoenix and I went the the last two hours of church so that he could attend Primary and I could teach my Sunday School Class. This was my first class and the lesson was about Heber J. Grant, Man of Determination.

Tuesday Tara took the boys in the morning to the see the Rugrats Movie at the dollar theater. I picked up my mother on my lunch hour and took her to the County Annex to get a duplicate copy of her car registration.

On Wednesday she set up the Slip and Slide in the backyard so that boys could all have some fun playing in the water. On Wednesday night Damon and Tara Demars came over for a visit with Master Ellis Demars. He has grown so much since we saw him when he was just a few weeks old.

It was a good week at Dell. I went in Monday through Thursday and then worked from home on Friday. Thursday morning I picked up my mom and took her to a dentist appointment. Tara and I broke out 4.5 fast with a quick lunch date at Olive Garden. I taught class number two at Texas State on Thursday night and spent the last 20 minutes talking to a student who may be interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

Friday afternoon after work, I stayed home with the boys and Tara picked up Natalie and took he to see Prom and then went for dinner afterwards to Panera Bread.

On Saturday, Kyle Grant picked me up and we drove to Keller, Texas to see Mandy and Brian's new baby boy, Owen. We took off at 9:30 made it to Keller at 12:30. Stopped by a Dickey's and bought lunch for everyone and then we were back on the road at 4:30. When I got home that evening, Tara and I went next door to our neighbors home to celebrate Russ Sage's 60th birthday. Tara and I capped off our evening by doing a bit of shopping at HEB.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 29 May - 04 Jun 2011

We started off the week by going early to church so that I could receive a new calling: Sunday School teacher for the 13 year old class. We met early with Brother Hancock to extend the calling and then after church, Brother Hancock and Brother Mattson set me apart.

Monday was Phoenix Blythe Elijah Morgan's 6th Birthday. In the morning he opened is cards from Grandma and Grandpa Clift and Aunt Lisa. To celebrate he had a few of his friends meet him at Gattiland for pizza and games. He invited Taylor how he had not seen in over six months.

Phoenix had his 6 year old pictures taken on Wednesday. We also found out that Robert, the manager of the picture studio, is moving to Arizona. Robert has been taking our family pictures for the past two years.

On Thursday we met Tara, Ellis, and Damon Demars for lunch at Mighty Fine. Later that evening, Byron started teaching MGT 4375 for the summer semester at Texas State University-San Marcos at the Round Rock Higher Education Center.

Friday morning Tara took the boys and Ms. Sarita to the Brushy Creek water park where she met up with Bridget Barbee and family. Phoenix attended Cade, his classmate's, birthday party at the local swimming pool on Friday evening.

We all woke up on Saturday morning and went to breakfast at IHOP. We then attended our nephew Xander's baptism at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Xander was baptised by his brother, Benson, and later confirmed by his father Josh, myself, and several others. Since our stake performs stake-wide baptisms, we also were able to see our Jackson Steed, a good family friend, baptised by his father Jason.