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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 27 February - 9 March 2012

Friday – 9 March 2012 – Worked at home in the morning and then had lunch with my Mom and Zion. For dinner with me the Peeks at Baris and then after dinner we went to Tinsletown to see Friends with Kids. On the way home Tara was checking her Facebook and saw that Jennifer Dial's dogs had three little beautiful puppies. Tara sent Jennifer a message that we wanted one of her new born toy Yorkie/Poo mix puppies.

Thursday – 8 March 2012 – Jumped up out of bed and headed to Temple for a VA appointment. While teaching MGT 4375 we had a Power outage and after about 20 minutes I released the class and then went to Cinemark to the the new movie Chronicle. While I went to Texas State to teach Tara picked up Natalie and went to see the new Tyler Perry movie. During Tara's movie her dad called to say they were coming 1 May – 26 Jun.

Wednesday – 7 March 2012 – @Dell / Dinner at Mesa Rosa

Tuesday – 6 March 2012 - @Dell / MGT 4370

Monday – 5 March 2012 – Meals on Wheels / Auto Z / Check on Truck

Sunday – 4 March 2012 – Church/Kite Festival/Pepperrock Park for Madi's Birthday

Saturday – 3 March 2012 – I woke up to the sound of Exdous yelling from his crib at 6am. Knocked out a couple of loads of laundry, gave the boys their medicine, got them dressed and then took the two older boys to Home Depot to get the Echo trimmer fixed (bad gas) and to build a project (NASCAR Racer). When I came home, Tara took Phoenix to see the Lorax and I mowed our yard and the Mary Helen's front yard while checking on the two younger boys about ever 10 minutes. For lunch I took Zion and Exodus to Jack in the Box then we stopped and got gas, hit Autozone, and then home for naps.

Friday – 2 March 2012 – Work from home/Massage/BioLife/Act of Valor/Freebirds

Thursday – 1 March 2012 – Work from Home/MGT 4375/Relief Society

Wednesday – 29 February 2012 – Work in Office/Home/Burned Chicken on the grill /Hao Haos

Tuesday – 28 February 2012 – Work in Office/MGT 4370

Monday – 27 February 2012 – Got up early and mowed my front yard before work and Mary Helen stopped by to say that her father had passed away last Thursday. She said that the viewing would be from 6-8 pm at Corley, Weed, and Fish on Lamar. That night I headed down for the viewing about 7 pm and talked to Mary Helen and her kids for a while and then headed home.