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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 22 - 28 January 2012

Sunday - 22 January 2012 - Tara and the boys stayed home, as Zion and Exodus were sick. I went to the 2nd hours and taught my Sunday school class and then came home. Our home teacher Vince Penman came and home taught us at 5 pm. I made gumbo and corn fritters for dinner.

Monday - 23 January 2012 - Monday morning I got up early and ran in Georgetown with Jill and Mark. Monday night we all went out to eat dinner at IHOP. Then we stopped by the Lakeshore Teacher Store so tara could lamilnate folders for a project she is working on.

Tuesday - 24 January 2012 - I went into the office in the morning and then Tara picked me up at lunch at we went to the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce Power Lunch - Economic Forecast for 2012. Later that evening I went to school to teach MGT 4370.

Wednesday - 25 January 2012 - On Wednesday I went into the office and at lunch I pick up my mom and we had lunch at Rosie Pho. While at lunch I got a taker for the Iphone 3GS for $120. Later that afternoon I had a Site Based Advisory team meeting at Great Oaks.

Thursday - 26 January 2012 - I had to teach on Thursday night and then afterwards went over to the Snell's to have a quick visit.

Friday - 27 January 2012 - Friday was last day of carpool for this week for Tara and I had morning meetings. I met Nicole Watson from HR for lunch and then caught the new Underworld. I had a 3:30 meeting in the afternoon and then on Friday night, Tara, Jill S. and I went to dinner at Hudson's on the Bend in Lakeway.

Saturday - 28 January 2012 - The morning started at 6 am and then Tara, Zion and I headed out to have some breakfast and go to his 8am soccer game. We had our team picture after the game at 9am and then we stopped by Walmart and then came home. Tara laid down for a a quick nap while I spread weed and feed in the yard and then came inside to get caught up on the blog.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 15 - 21 January 2012

Sunday - 15 January 2012 - We all got up and went to church and I taught my Sunday school class which was combined with Brother Phelps class. Josh came in a helped me out. After church I went to Home Teach the Swan Family in Milwood, and then the Kinchen's in Cat Hollow. Sunday night Tara and I sat down to work on our family Vision, Mission, and Goals.

Monday - 16 January 2012 - On Monday at 4:30 we took the boys and Ms. Sarita to the Ben Hur Shrine Circus. While we were there I turned in our free vouchers to see a Toro's Basketball game and also purchased tickets to take the family to a Dallas Stars Hockey game.

Tuesday - 17 January 2012 - Tuesday morning I went to work and then on Tuesday night I had to teach MGT 4370 (Business Ethics) for the first night of the semester.

Wednesday - 18 January 2012 - On Wednesday I went to work and that night Tara and I met up with the Hinze's to see Natalie in her schools production of the Music Man.

Thursday - 19 January 2012 - Thursday night I had to go to school to teach the first night of MGT 4375 (Organizational Bahavior and Human Relations).

Friday - 20 January 2012 - Got up at 5am and headed to Georgetown to meet Jill and Mark. Was able to run a mile and then ran/walked the next two. Went to check out Haywire on my lunch hour and then after work, I mowed the yard. For dinner the family used a certificate at Dickey's Barbeque in Cedar Park. The deal was $25 off of $45, so we all ate for about $23 after tax with enough left overs for the boys to have dinner one more time.

Saturday - 21 January 2012 - Got up about 6:30 am and then headed to Georgetown to the monthly Vern's No Frills 5k at Berry Creek Preserve. Jill and I jogged/walked and finished in 42 minutes. Afterwards we stopped and had breakfast at IHOP and then I headed in to Austin to LCM to get a massage at 12pm. On my way home I stopped by Harbor Freight to pick up a fuel pressure gauge for the truck and then picked up a prescription at CVS for the boys. Came home and took a quick shower and at 2pm meet a guy to sell an extra phone we had and then promptly took the cash to AT&T to get a new black Iphone 4S. Then I headed home to pick up Tara and Zion to go to his first soccer game by way of the Texas Baptist Children's home to pick up Clara and Julia (a player and her mom). Zion didn't really want to play soccer, but Tara tried her best to keep him on the court while I contended with the other players. After the game Tara and I went to dinner at Firebowl and then I went to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, while Tara saw Young Adult.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Reivew - 8 - 14 January 2012

Sunday - 8 January 2012 - We all went to chruch and I taught my Sunday School Lesson

Monday - 9 January 2012 -On Monday Tara went to lunch with Leslie and I had to go to school to be interviewed by one of the students from the Phd Program from San Marcos. Also this begins our 1 year countdown to Diseny World!!!

Tuesday - 10 January 2012 - In themornign I had labs in Cedar Park. Then that eveninig we had the missionairies over for a dinner of pizza and salad.

Wednesday - 11 January 2012 - Occupational Therapy at the VA in Austin

Thursday - 12 January 2012- I had a appointment at the VA in Temple in them morning and Tara was the guest reasder in Phoenix's 1st grade class.

Friday - 13 January 2012 - Tara started her day with a root canal at Castle Dental. At lunch I went to see Contraband. Then On Friday night we gathered up the boys and went to dinner at Mighty Fine in Cedar Park and then afterwards our family went to The Yogurt Experience.

Saturday 14 January 2012 - Saturday morning Zion's soccer game was cancelled. Later I went to Lowes in the morning to see if I could fix the overhead light in the garage and ended up buying a new one, but at least I could still use the old bulbs which saved me about $7 bucks. Then at noon we headed to South Austin to Westgate Lanes at attend Jaydn Jaeger's 5th Birthday Party. Also got see Heather Laney (who is pregnant again #5) and got to hold little Lexi Jaeger for a while.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 1-7 January 2012

Sunday - 1 January 2012 - We all got up at 6am and Tara took her shower first while I went downstairs to make pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We went to to church 8:30am for the first time in over five years I met me new Sunday School Class for the first time (Lynden W, Madi H, Jessica C, Julie H, Evan M, and Emilee O.). Then for the 3rd hour, I introduced Josh and Benson during priesthood. After church Tara and the two younger boys took naps while Phoenix played with his DS and I watched football. During the evening after dinner I watched what would be the Cowboys last game.

Monday - 2 January 2012 - I got up about 8:30 gave the boys their medicine and then I took some cereal and juice over to Josh and Chrissta's. Josh gave me another box of books. I then went to Michael's and picked up the frames were having done (insert picture). I also found on clearance a Cowboys Troll and a Cowboys Christmas hat. I stopped in at IHOP to have my free birthday breakfast. Towards the end of my breakfast I called the Apple helpdesk and was put on hold. I then drove to Fry's to return several items. I finally got thru to the helpdesk and they started working on my case. As Apple and AT&T worked on my case I walked around Frys and then I left and ten sat in the car for another 20 minutes while we figured out was was up with my IPad2. I then browsed Harbor Freight and then bought a water at the Dollar Store. I came home and chilled out in the afternoon and watched a couple of movies (Anamorph and The Eagle).

Tuesday - 3 January 2012 - Phoenix went back to school and I went back to work.

Wednesday - 4 January 2012 - Went into the office and Tara had her two week follow up at Dr. Stovall's for her back.

Thursday - 5 January 2012 - Nothing much to report.

Friday - 6 January 2012 -Friday night I went over to Nick Passes for a Boys Nite Out.

Saturday - 7 January 2012 - The day started with Tara and I taking Zion to the YMCA for the Soccer Jamboree and for Coach Morgan to get introduced to his new soccer team, The Force.