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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Byron

My husband is pretty much amazing.....For HIS 44th birthday instead of spending the day doing whatever he wanted.....he took me to see the Rockettes (yes the radio city Rockettes) he then took me to a delicious Italin lunch and then to RunTex to get fitted for running shoes....

We then went home took the babysitter home and then spent the evening at our friends Scott and Kasey's house for a fun New Year's Eve party.

It was a very fun day for me, I just hope Byron had as much fun!!! I love you Honey!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

Well it was another great christmas for the Morgan family. We started our celebration by taking the boys to a close by nieghborhood to see Santa and make sure he knew what Phoenix wanted for Christmas.

Christmas Evewe spent with our great friends Todd and Katie. We decided it would be nice to do some sort of service for christmas, so we took cookies to the nursing home where Byron's mother's God Mother lives and past them out to the residents. We also sang carols for a while. It seemed to bring some smiles and a little joy to the residents. After our visit to the nursing home we went back to our house and ate some delicious potatoe corn chowder out of bread bowls ( thanks again Katie ) and we drank some wassel......for those of you that have never had wassel....make some, it is amazing!!! We finished off the night with caroling with a couple families and hot cocoa at our bishops house.

Christmas morning we got up and opened presents with the boys...Phoenix got a work bench with all the tools, a fisher price town (zion's too) a new suit,and light up socks from the neighbor that he LOVES!!Phoenix also got thre only thing he had asked Santa for......that right you guessed it folks....a Chia Pet! He was soooo excited.

Zion got a fisher price farm, some clothes and also light up socks. Both boys and byron and I got new Pjs thanks to Aunt Katie and Uncle Todd.

Byron surprised me with season passes to all the broadway cross America shows coming to the Bass Cancert Hall!! I am sooo excited. He also got me some new workout clothes.

I bought Byron a new bag to replace the always talked about "MacGuyver Bag" that he has been carr ying around for years.

Josh, Chrissta and the kids came over late morning with prinut in hand ( Yummy!! Thanks Chriss) we hung out, ate a delicious dinner and played lots of fun games on the Wii. We loved having them here.
Sorry we did not get Christmas cards sent out....we are going to send them out with Byron's graduation annoucements in a month or so.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Talking About Death

I read and article in USA Today is past Monday while I was in Houston which detailed how to make easier one of life's hardest discussions: talking about how you want to die. The site is called Engage With Grace: The One Slide Project (

As I get older and have gone from no glasses, to bifocals, to multi-focal lens replacement (maybe next year), my family and I have started to prepare for the my transition beyond the veil.

Tara and I have a will, but like most it has not been updated since we have had children.
So as you all are getting ready to make you New Year's Resolutions, please make sure that you have a will in place (especially if you have kids) and, if you are getting ready for surgery, make sure that you have an advance directive in place.

The end is coming we all need to be prepared!

Going to the Workshop

Byron and I decided to take Phoenix to Build a Bear Workshop Friday night. He had never been there and we thought he would really like it. He chose to build a monkey and name him Curious George.