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Friday, February 3, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 29 January - 3 February 2012

Saturday - 4 February 2012

Friday - 3 February 2012

Thursday - 2 February 2012

Wednesday - 1 February 2012 - Worked in the office today. The neatest thing that I can report on is the fact that a problem that the business has been working on for the past year, I was able to get solved.

Tuesday - 31 January 2012 - On Tuesday I worked at the office and went to lunch with Jamie E. After work I headed up to school and have several meetings with students before class. Then at 6:30 I had my class attend the Dr. Dwight Watson's presentation, Dr. King, The Church, and Civil Rights. Then we started class at 7:45 which made for a long night.

Monday - 30 January 2012 - Monday I worked from home and did my Meals on Wheels route at 10:45. Tara and I had lunch together at the Mexican Restaurant and then I went home to finish up some work. At 3 pm I headed up the the Round Rock Campus of Texas State to attend the retirment reception for Barbara Herdman who I have been working with since I started teaching 12 years ago.

Sunday - 29 January 2012 - Tara let me sleep in because my back was hurting. I must have tweaked it yesterday at Zion's soccer game. Finally got up in the afternoon and put away some laundary and picked up while I watched the Pro Bowl. We had pork chops for dinner and we had Frog Eye Salad for dessert.

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