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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 21-27 August 2011

Sunday morning we woke up to Zion and Exodus having snotty noses so we pulled split shift at church with Tara and Phoenix going to Sacrament and then coming home and then I went to teach my Sunday School Class. We loaded up the van and headed to the Salt Lick in Round Rock to meet, Mandy, Brian, & Owen, Kyle & John, and their friend, Bob Hamill. I ordered the family style plate and Tara order the prime rib. When Tara's plate arrived it was the biggest prime rib I had ever seen in my life.

Monday morning, I ran (4 miles) for the first time with Jill Seidenberger at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown and Monday was the Phoenix's last day of summer before the start of school. Tara took Phoenix to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D at the Dollar Theater in Round Rock. On Monday, I also finished putting together the drawers for bunk beds and noticed that one of the drawers were damaged so I called the company (Hayneedle) about my concerns over the damage to the headboards and the drawers. To my surprise when I called the company, they said that they would replace everything without me having to send the damaged pieces back (They actually said to either donate them or throw them away.)

On Tuesday morning, I took Phoenix to his first day of 1st Grade. On Tuesday night we met the Banks at Double Dave's which was nice until Zion caught his head on the edge of a video game and his head swelled up the size of a goose egg.

Wednesday was a laid back day. I came into the office in the afternoon for a team meeting following a round of lay offs at Dell. This was a very surreal experience as I have not had to deal with people being layed off before.

Thursday night I was back in the saddle having to start my 11th year of teaching at the Round Rock Higher Education Center.

Friday I met Jamie and Renee for lunch and we went to the UT Club. Friday afternoon, I went to see Columbiana at the Cinemark Round Rock. Friday evening we had pizza for dinner and then got caught up on America's Got Talent.

Saturday morning I went for a 14 mile run at Brushy Creek Park and then went shopping at HEB, Sam's, and Costco. Saturday afternoon, Tara met my mom at Tinsletown North to see "The Help".

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Running Journal - Non-Runners Marathon Trainer - Week 8

Monday and Wednesday I ran with Jill Seidenberger at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown next to the City Recreation Center. On Monday we ran under IH35 for two miles and then doubled back. On Wednesday we ran the opposite way for about a mile and a half and then ran in the direction we ran on Monday. It was really fun to run somewhere new and to have someone to talk to along the way. On Thursday morning I ran six miles starting from the Church. I jogged out three miles and the doubled back.
My Saturday run started from the Brushy Creek Splash park. My goal this morning was to see how long it would take for me to run the 8.75 loop for the Frankenthon. I was able to run the first 8.75 miles in 2 hours and 38 minutes, I then continue the loop again to finish out my 14 miles.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 14-20 August 2011

We had a lazy Sunday morning. At 10 Sarita came to watch the boys and Tara and I headed out to Lake Travis to celebrate Lara Gradt's Birthday. We had a wonderful time and met some great new folks. Some of the usual suspects were in attendance, Jamee Yule, Reggie & Michele Arceo, and Lara's sister Jennifer. We had a wonderful time on a barge cruise of the lake and spent lots of time in the water. The barge went out at 11 and came back in a 3 and then we stopped into Carlos and Charlies for some lunch. Then spent the rest of Sunday catching up on preseason games.

Monday was a pretty laid back day. Got up for a short 4 miler and then worked the rest of the day. That evening Bridget Barbee came over so that we could all go to dinner but was interrupted by a call that a brush fire was near her home so she went and tried to get her dogs but the police would not let her back in to her neighborhood. So we all went to dinner at Gattiland in Round Rock and then back to our house until she received the all clear to go back home.

Tuesday morning Tara went to pick up our new pet finches which the boys have already named Tweety (Phoenix-Light Bird) and Love (Zion's-Dark Bird). I went into the office an then had lunch with Jamie and Suzanne at Zorba's. I discovered during lunch that we were supposed to have a round of lay offs next week, so I discussed this with my manager during our 1x1 that afternoon. She said that I was safe and that I needed to concentrate on learning the Gii system. I went home that afternoon and picked up Phoenix and we went to the YMCA to work out.

Wednesday I worked from home but had to go into the office for Skip Level meeting with your new director. That lasted about an hour and then I headed back home. Wednesday afternoon Tara had an appointment with her back speciaist, and then on Wednesday night Tara had a compassionate service meeting and the boys and I just relaxed and watched some TV.

Thursday was a busy day. I went for a 5 am 4 mile run then came home to take Tara into the Central Texas Surgery Center to have a shot to relieve some of the pain on her herneated disk. Then I came home to an 8:30 call and then I headed into the office for a 1x1 with Valarie Johnson. After that I went to school to pick up a months worth of mail and then came home to sift through it and several more calls.
Got in a short nap late in the afternoon and then had dinner and then took the boys to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Frank Irwin Center. The boys were falling asleep near the end of the show but it is always worth it to see their faces light up at all of the amazing acts the show has to offer.

Friday morning I had three calls at work til about 11 and Tara had to take Phoenix to a urology appointment at Speciality Pediatrics. At about the same time, the delivery company delievered the boys bunk beds. It was a bit disappointing because both of the headboards had cracks in them. Late in the afternoon I worked on getting the bunk bed together until I left for night of fun at Nick Passe's for some Texas Holdem. A little lighter in the pocket, I left at about 10 pm to get some sleep for an early morning run.

Saturday mornning I got up for a 12 mile run with Chris, Stacy, and Sarah. After the run Tara took Zion and Exodus to Treehouse to get checked out. Both were snotty and not feeling well. At noon I had an appointment at LCM. Afterwards I went to Phoencia and purchased some fresh Dates. They let me try one in the store and they were so good that I purchased a pound. Now I wish I had purchased 10 pounds. On my way home I stopped at Sam's to pick up some pictures that we had developed from the trip to Oregon. That afternoon Brian and Mandy stopped by for a visit with Master Owen. Both Tara and I held him for a long time and he just slept in our arms. Brain and Mandy left and Tara and I prepared for the Oldroyd reception. We stopped in at the Stake center and went thorough the recieveing line and meet both sets of parents. Afterwards we headed out to Cedar Park to Kyle Grant's home to have dinner with Mandy, Brian, John, and Kyle. After a wonderful fajita dinner and homemade Tres Leches cake we headed home to relive Ms. Sarita.

Running Journal - Non Runner's Marathon Trainer - Week 7

Back in the groove this week running in the heat. Ran 4, 6, 4 in the Woods of Brushy Creek, and then on Saturday met up with Chris, Stacy, and Sarah at Brushy Creek Trail. The ladies walked 4.7 miles and then turned around and Chris ran to the YMCA with me which was the 6 mile point. On the way to the YMCA I ran into Jenny Schleuter (Taylor) at about the 4 miles point and then again at the 11 miles point. Felt pretty good after I got home. I rested for a bit and then headed to LCM for 1 hour of heaven.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 7-13 August 2011

We attended 9:00 am chruch again in the Dallas 1st Ward. The speakers were good and other than the boys acting their usual selves, we were able to feel the spirit. Tara's mom made it to church this week as last week she was not feeling well on Sunday morning. Sister Thackery gave another wonderful lesson (29) concerning how the number of disciples were increased. I was also able to catch up with Slade Thackery in Elder's Quorum. After chruch we all went home to relax for a while until we all gathered for a steak dinner in which Mark Gunter presided over the grill. Cari and Tyler and Hope and KK also joined in on the fun. While having dinner we all discussed the possibiity of having our next reunion in the next two years and having it over a long weekend or also pushing it to the winter time and taking a cruise.

On Monday I went for a four mile fun but it was cut short as Tara picked me up at we took Exodus to the Urgent Care in Salem acorss from Willamtte Univeristy. While we were waiting, I finished the mile and half on the univeristy grounds. The doctor examined Exodus and his extreme fussiness was caused by his two year molars. We we got back home, I worked for a few hours and then spent the rest of the day preparing to return back to Texas. It was bittersweet having to get ready to go home as the boys and Tara really enjoyed being at home with her parents.

On Tuesday morning I went for a five mile run and then had two quick calls before leaving for PDX. I was also able to get in one last visit with Great Grandma Dorthy. We arrived at the airport 2 hours early and were able to start our jouney home with very little fanfare. Exodus did spend the majority of the flight expressing his displeasure by crying for most of the 6 hour journey home.

Josh was right on time picking us up on Wedneday morning about 1230 and got us home safely. It was almost three in the morning when I finally laid down to sleep and then I got up at 7 am to take in the Altima to get it's first oil change for free at the dealership. Afterwards I hit HEB to get milk for the boy's breakfast. Wednesday at noon I had an appointment at LCM, and then met with Leslie Wade, my independent study student at Beluga at 1:30 pm. Afterwards I went to Sam's to pick up grocereies and then headed home to get some much needed sleep.

Thursday morning I got up at 5 for my 3rd run of the week and then I headed into the office for a full day. Had lunch with Jamie at the Thai restaurant next to HEB on 1325. Came home and Tara made Salmon for was good, but it was not like the seafood we had in Seattle.

On Friday morning, I had several calls in the morning and then I had a perio check up at Castle Dental. After that appointment I attended the funeral service for Brother Moss. Then I went home picked up Tara and Exodus and we headed downtown to attend the graduation celebration for Jay Hrncir. His wife Katy asked me to say a few words for Jay. It was very humbling to speak for an old friend to all of his family and friends. In attedance was Jays family including Curtis and their sister plus Katy's family, along with Wes Ghormley, Tiffany Barber, Jamee & Justin, and Scott. Afterwards Tara and I went to Chuy's to have some Tres Leches cake for dessert.

On Saturday morning I got up for an 11 mile run and was met by Tiffany Barber at mile 3 and she did 6 miles with me and then I finished the last 2 by myself. Afterwards I came home to relax while Tara went shopping for new running shoes and then when and had her nails redone. Saturday night we went over to Mast's household to celebrate Cassie graduating from Texas State. Afterwards I dropped Tara off and then went to Tinsletown to see "Rise of the Planet of the Ape". It was a great movie.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 31 July - 6 August 2011

Sunday morning we were blessed with going to church at 9 am. Sacrament was just as fun at the Dallas Ward with three restless boys as it normally is back at home. Grandma Clift did not make it today as a stomach bug seems to be going through the house. The 3rd hour of church was a 5th Sunday combined Priesthood and Relief Society lesson on Canning....was a great lesson, but it took all that I had not want to teach the class myself. We had a relaxing afternoon and then all had Sunday Dinner together.

On Monday morning I got up for one last call at work and then I went for a quick 5 mile run and then we prepared the rest of the day for the family reunion. We left the house about 5 pm with Grandpa, myself, and the boys in the Caravan, and Tara and Grandma in the Yukon. We went strait out to Uncle Sid's house and Tara and Grandma went shopping for the food for the family reunion. We arrived about six and we all had Pizza and Salad for dinner. When we arrived Uncle Sid and Aunt Karen, Sid Jr. and Cari along with Michael, Lexi, and Lance, Shauna, Jack, and Kimber, Aunt Cari and Uncle Mark, Cari and Tyler, Hope and KK, and Uncle Doug, Matthew and Andrea Zinn, Uncle Rollie and Aunt Sharon, Cole and his girlfriend, Lisa and Bridget, and lastly Matthew Linfesty. Aunt Karen so graciously opened up her home to us so that the five of us slept in downstairs level of her home on Monday night.

On Tuesday morning I went for a short 3 mile run that ended up taking about and hour and half because when I ran down to the the Molalla river I ended up talking to Uncle Sid's neighbor Gordon (I actually took a wrong turn and ran down to the river on Gordon's land). Then I came back up to towards Uncle Sid's land and finished up my run. More people arrived on Tuesday morning. Shelly and John Linfesty with Malea and Marin. Dong and Angie Gunter also came with their three children. Then we all had a pancake and egg breakfast and the reunion was in full swing. Aunt Karen then proceed to give us a great overview of the activities which were planned over the next three days. We had lunch at 1 pm and then we had dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs at about 7. We ended the evening sitting around and talking with everyone after we put the boys to bed in the tent with Aunt Lisa. At some point and time between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, some bug came started to get to folks.

Wednesday morning after breakfast Aunt Karen gathered everyone together and passed out Reunion Books (see below) that she put together that detail the Gunter Family History. The books contain pedigree charts, picture charts, stories, recipes, and a CD containing 453 pictures and documents. Afterward a group went down to the river to shoot shotguns and then the kids all played games and did crafts. Uncle Doug and Aunt Elaine showed up with along with Angie Gunter. Doug Jr. came with only one of the girls because the In the afternoon on all of the days, the boys were able to go swimming in the pool that was set up on the lawn. I spent some time attempting to show Phoenix how to shoot a bow and arrow that was set up lawn with a large target in front of three bales of hay. In the afternoon, I took Matt Zinn lunch at work and then he gave me a tour of Suncoast Circuits. Aunt Cari prepared about five large pans of lasagna for everyone for dinner. Then Scott Gunter and I collect wood from the wood pile to make a fire and then all the kids made Sm ores for dessert.

Thursday morning I started off with a 3 mile run down Union Mills which was probably not the smartest thing (cars were racing by me). This was just a fun day of doing whatever. We had a lite lunch and then had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. We ended the reunion with Aunt Sharon setting her karaoke machine and singing until the wee hours of the night. I was even able to give my rendition of "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel without even using the karaoke machine.

Friday morning almost everyone had departed except for Aunt Karen, Cari and her family and the Clift Clan so we worked from about 8 am to noon cleaning up the campsite and ensure that all the trash and equipment was put away. We said our goodbyes and then Tara and I headed towards Oregon City to get the boys some lunch. We left there and made our way to the Portland Temple so that we could go to Deseret Book and purchase some garments and books for the boys. I was also able to reach out to one of my Scrabble Friends, Emily Roth, a recent law school graduate, whom I had never met and she met us at the temple grounds. We spent about fifteen minutes talking to her and then we headed back to Dallas, OR. Once we got home and unloaded the bags, I went for my long run of week. It took about two hours to run 8 miles, but it felt so good to relax after a long day.

Running Journal - Non Runner's Marathon Trainer - Week 6

On Monday I started my 4 mile run in Dallas and ended the run in Salem at Williamette University. On Tuesday I ran my last run in Dallas of 5 miles. I took Wednesday off and then ran 5 miles on Thursday morning in my neighborhood. On Saturday morning I started my long run by the Duck Pond by myself, and then met up with Tiffany Barber at the 3 mile point and then she ran six miles with me and then I ran the last three miles by myself. I was beat after I was done mostly due to the heat and humidity.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Running Journal - Non-Runners Marathon Trainer - Week 4

The runs this week were lots-o-fun. The weather was perfect and I really felt like I could run forever. I started the week off with a 5 miler in Dallas, and then ran two 3 milers in Molalla at the family reunion. I capped off the week with an 8 mile run on Friday evening in Dallas, Oregon.