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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 19 - 26 February 2012

Sunday – 26 February 2012 – Tara was not feeling well when we got up a 6am and got back in bed. I made breakfast for the boys and then prepared for Sunday School Lesson #8. I came home made lunch for me and the boys and then took a short nap. Started working on the blog for the week and then started to get dinner ready for the boys.

Saturday – 25 February 2012 – The morning was cold when I got up so we turned on the heat. We just all lazed around the house until we had lunch and then left for Zion's game at 12:30. This was a great day as Zion scored not one but two goals today. Saturday evening Tara and I had little date by going to see “This Means War” in Cedar Park. Afterwards we went to Rosa for a quick dinner and then made stops by CVS and HEB.

Friday – 24 February 2012 – Friday was a stressful :day at work which started at about 0630 with several meetings. Then the MDCP nurse made a visit to the house at 1030 and then I had lunch with Nicole Watson at 12:30. I then went back to work until about 1630. At 1730 Todd and Katie Sierer picked us up for dinner at Fino's. Dinner was a fabulous feast of tapas and small plates!

Thursday – 23 February 2012 – Thursday morning had Tara running back and forth with her first stop was carpool and then she went to Starbucks to get Chrissta a birthday hot chocolate. Then later that morning she had an appointment with Allison and the an appointment at BioLife that last almost two hours to find out that she could not be a plasma donor. Thursday I worked in the office due to several all-hands meetings in which they announced the Corporate modifiers for this years bonus payouts. Thursday night we took the boys up to church to watch Xander compete in the Pinewood Derby. While we were there Brother Pace came up and thanked me for turning him on to the MDCP program.

Wednesday - 22 February 2012- Worked from home. Wednesday night we all headed to the Dell Diamond to watch the Texas State Bobcats play the Baylor Bears in baseball. We sat next to the the Wiabels and had a great time.

Tuesday – 21 February 2012 - Worked from home. Tuesday night I taught MGT 4370.

Monday – 20 February 2012- Monday I worked in the office because I was supposed to have a face to face with my skip level manager but one person called in sick and it was decided to have the meeting by conference call. Continued working for the office and then after work I stopped by my mom's house to fix her printer and take out her trash.

Sunday – 19 February 2012 – We went to church and had a very relaxing day and then I grilled rib-eyes for dinner for the family.

Morgan Family Week in Review - 29 January - 18 February 2011

Saturday - 18 February 2012 – Got up with the boys at 6:30, Phoenix had an accident in the bathroom, but at least he took the initiative to clean it up himself. Zion had a 9 am game in which he scored his first goal. Then Tara, Zion, and I went to Ikea and had breakfast and pick up several more blue buckets for the boy’s toy room. Then we went by Office Max to purchase a new chair for the office. Afterwards we made stops by Sam’s and HEB to pick up the last few items for our Home & Visiting Teaching Cookout. Guest for the cookout started arriving at 4:30 (Swans,
Dewey’s, Baldwin’s, Kinchen’s) and later in the evening the Cannon’s. I fired up the grill and then we all had dinner at 5:30 and then had a short lesson, and then about 6:30 we started up the chocolate fountain. The Cannon’s were the last to leave about 8 pm and then we cleaned up and headed to bed.

Friday – 17 February 2012 – Friday was a work day. At lunch I went to LCM. Tara took younger boys on play date to Chick-fil-a with Beth, Kelly and Vee. In the evening Tara and I when to CVS, Michaels, Walgreens, and then ate at Golden Corral. Afterwards we stopped at the Mattress Firm Clearance centers. We were supposed to go to Dave and Busters, but the weather was getting bad so we just went home at about 9pm.

Thursday – 16 February 2012 – Thursday was a work day from home. Thursday night I taught MGT 4375 and Tara when to an Relief Society Cooking event to learn how to make Vietnamese Dumplings.

Wednesday – 15 February 2012 – Wednesday I worked in the office through lunch and then I left early to go to the chiropracter and then came home. I finally finished filing our taxes. Then after dinner Phoenix and I went on a walk to the fig tree trail.

Tuesday – 14 February 2012 – The day started by getting up for a12:30 meeting, but once I got up the meeting was cancelled but I could not go back to sleep so I just began to get some work done and the next thing I knew it as 5:30 am. I laid down for a an hour and then got up and headed into the office and worked until 11. Then I hit a few stores to prepare for Valentines. On my way home I stopped in at Papa Murhpy’s and purchased 6 heart shaped pizzas that I then delivered to: Peeks, Masts, McCarthys, Buhls, Sages, with the 6th leftover for the boys. Tara and I went to see The Vow at 3:45pm and then headed to the Saltgrass at 6. We had an hour wait and then we enjoyed a nice romantic dinner with 400 other people.

Monday – 13 February 2012 – Nothing much to report.

Sunday – 12 February 2012 – Sunday we went to church, I taught my Sunday School class and then we came home to relax. The Delis and the Lowe families came over for a dinner of pulled pork and eschbeche.

Saturday - 11 February 2012 – Zion had a 1 pm Soccer game

Friday – 10 February 2012 – Zion and Exodus had a Valentine party at Heather Jim’s house.

Thursday – 9 February 2012 – Worked from home and then taught MGT 4375

Wednesday – 8 February 2012 – Missionaries came over for a dinner of pizza and salad.

Tuesday – 7 February 2012 – Worked in the office and then taught MGT 4370

Monday – 6 February 2012 – Worked from home.

Sunday – 5 February 2012 – Superbowl Sunday. We attended church and then came home. I picked up 100 chicken wings from Pluckers and then we settled in to a day of pregame shows and then eventually the game.

Saturday - 4 February 2012 – Meka pulled an overnight so she got off at 9 so I was up a few hours later with all of the boys. Zion had a 11pm soccer game. Saturday evening I turned my iphone back into AT&T and then we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill (we had $35 in gift certificates)

Friday – 3 February 2012 – Work day and then Tara and I headed to San Antonio at 4pm for the Chris Cagle concert. On our way down we called the venue, Cowboys and found out that the concert was not going to start until 11pm. When we arrived in San Antonio at 6pm we had dinner at Jim’s and then we went to the movies to see The Man on a Ledge. We arrived at Cowboys at
9:30 and then I started to work my magic to get in line at the Meet and Greet.
At about 11 Tara and I got to meet Chris Cagle and take a picture and then the
concert started about 1130. The concert was over about 1:45 and then we started
to make our way home with a side stop in South Austin at Ihop. We finally made
it home and into bed at 4 am.

Thursday – 2 February 2012 – Worked from hone and the taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday – 1 February 2012 – Tara had her follow with Dr. Stovall at 10:30 in the morning.

Tuesday – 31 January 2012 – Went into the office and then taught MGT 4370

Monday – 30 January 2012 – Worked from home

Sunday – 29 January 2012 – I spent the majority of the day in bed after tweaking my back at Zion’s soccer game yesterday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 29 January - 3 February 2012

Saturday - 4 February 2012

Friday - 3 February 2012

Thursday - 2 February 2012

Wednesday - 1 February 2012 - Worked in the office today. The neatest thing that I can report on is the fact that a problem that the business has been working on for the past year, I was able to get solved.

Tuesday - 31 January 2012 - On Tuesday I worked at the office and went to lunch with Jamie E. After work I headed up to school and have several meetings with students before class. Then at 6:30 I had my class attend the Dr. Dwight Watson's presentation, Dr. King, The Church, and Civil Rights. Then we started class at 7:45 which made for a long night.

Monday - 30 January 2012 - Monday I worked from home and did my Meals on Wheels route at 10:45. Tara and I had lunch together at the Mexican Restaurant and then I went home to finish up some work. At 3 pm I headed up the the Round Rock Campus of Texas State to attend the retirment reception for Barbara Herdman who I have been working with since I started teaching 12 years ago.

Sunday - 29 January 2012 - Tara let me sleep in because my back was hurting. I must have tweaked it yesterday at Zion's soccer game. Finally got up in the afternoon and put away some laundary and picked up while I watched the Pro Bowl. We had pork chops for dinner and we had Frog Eye Salad for dessert.