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Monday, September 26, 2011

Running Journal - Non-Runners Marathon Trainer - Week 12

Monday and Wednesdays 5 mile runs were pretty routine. On Monday Dr. Morris said that I did not need any further treatments on my IT Band. On Wednesday Jill and I clocked our third mile under 14 minutes.

On Thursday I did not feel like running at all, but Kirsten pumped me up and we knocked out 8 miles.

On Saturday I started my run at 5:30 am from the Splash Park. From the beginning of the run I could feel the nagging pain in my hip through about mile 5 or 6. I ate a package of granola bars before the run and had another trail mix bar at mile 9. For some reason about mile 13 I got really really hungry and really thirsty. I have been very cautious by drinking water at every stop along the way, but for whatever reason I was very very thirsty today. I kept plowing through and I made it to 17.1 miles before I had to walk. By then all I could think about getting to the finish (18 miles) and getting something cold to drink and something to eat.

Morgan Family Week in Review - 18-24 September 2011

Sunday – 18 Sep 11 – On Sunday we all got up for Church and then came home for a relaxing afternoon of football. Kelly Lowe came over for dinner and stayed with us until about 8 pm. It was really fun having her visit with the family. Tara made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner.
Monday – 19 Sep 11 – 5:30 am run with Jill in Georgetown, and then I worked from home. Tara had carpool this week in which she took Phoenix and the Penman boys to school all week. At lunch I went in for a chiropractic evaluation on my IT Band. Dr. Morris said that I was good to go, to keep up with the foam roller, and let her know if the pain comes back. At 5:30 Tara and I headed up to the Marriott at La Fonterra to attend the 2011 Round Rock Chamber of Commerce Dinner and Awards Banquet. Dr. Rehbein the Director of the Round Rock Higher Education Center purchased a table for the school. Attendees included Dr. Rehbein came with her daughvter Christina, Virginia Resta, and Dr. Heuring, Dr. Mara XXXX, and her husband, XXXX XXXXX, and another couple which I will fill in later. We had a good time hearing about different folks from the Round Rock community. At the end of the banquet , Dr. Rehbein introduced me to Dr. J. Chavez, the Round Rock ISD Superintendent. After a short exchange, he suggested that I work with the district as the stand of the new Business and Economics Academy for the district.
Tuesday - 20 Sep 11 – Was a pretty normal Tuesday. Work at the office, lunch at Fuddruckers with Jamie, and then off to teach MGT 4375 at Texas State. Tara had lunch with Jill Mast, Kelly Lowe, Beth Delis, and Allison Hepworth at Chili’s.
Wednesday – 21 Sep 11 - Was up at 4:45 am for a run in Georgetown with Jill. Then at 9 am I had to get a Hep B and a Flu shot. After work, I went to the Art Institute of Austin for a tour by one of my ex-students, Jaclyn Box, one of the Institute’s Assistant Admissions Directors. At six Tara left the house to meet Jill Seidenberger at Mimi’s for dinner before heading into Austin to see Saints Unified Voices directed by Gladys Knight. The concert was held at the Austin Stake Center and it was packed to the rafters. It was really neat seeing people that we knew. Mike Dowling and his wife sat in front of us and in the two empty seats next to us, Perry Seale sat next to us with a friend he brought from National Instruments. The concert was AMAZING. When Gladys Knight did her version of I am A Child of God, it brought Tara and I to tear. The concert let out at close to 11 pm and was almost midnight when Tara and I got home.
Thursday – 22 Sep 11 – After only four hours of sleep, I had to get up at 4:45 am for a call for work. Then later that morning I ran 8 miles with Kirsten Banks and Tara did us a solid and watch Malcolm and Aubrey while we ran. I had a 10:30 at the VA with the Pharm-D and my numbers all looked great. Hopefully by my next visits I can get off one of my meds. Thursday evening I went to a SLAO (Student Leadership and Activities Organization) and we announced officers for the academic year, bowling night, and committee assignments. After class I came home and Tara stay up with me and we watched the premiere of The Big Bang.
Friday – 23 Sep 11 – About nine in the morning, Tara got a call from Melanie McBride, Phoenix’s 1st Grade teacher and he had hit another student who had cut in line in front of him. She knew of the deal we had with him that if he got five (5) Smiley faces this week that he could have Kona Ice on Friday after school. That day, I had to finalize work on two SRSs on Friday morning, and then at lunch I sent up to Texas State to judge a photography exhibit. When I got there Dawn handed me a packet that was as thick as my dissertation. She told me if I did not have time that I could skip it because I told her that I had to meet Phoenix at school that afternoon so that he could get Kona Ice. In the afternoon, I went up to Great Oaks and had Kona Ice with Phoenix. The lines were very long, but Jackie Davis let us in line with her and her children and we were on our way home after about 30 minutes. At 5:15 pm we headed back up to school to view the Photography Exhibit sponsored by the Round Rock Arts Council. We saw some really great photographs and we met one of the photographers who is also the football photographer for the Round Rock Leader (the local newspaper). I told him my nephew was playing in the game that he was working and he told me that he would try and get some shots of him and then send them to me. After the Photography Show we went and picked up some dinner at Freebirds and took it with us to see Benson’s football game at the Palace. At half time we left the game and came home to get some shut eye.
Saturday – 24 Sep 11 – Started the day at 5:30am with an 18 mile run (for details see my Running Journal). Stopped by HEB and the Donut Shop and then came home at lunch, cleaned up and then left with Tara to downtown Austin. We attended the matinee showing of Rain at the Long Center and were both very impressed with the show and the center. Afterwards we went to have dinner together at Mongolian Grille and then did a little bit of shopping at Kohl’s and Sam’s before coming home to settle in the for evening. The Morgan house was pitch black by 9pm.

Morgan Family Week in Review - 11-17 September 2011

Sunday – 11 Sep 11 – Tara and I attended church at the Highpoint Fellowship. It is where our neighbors Barb and Russ attend out in Cedar Park. We had a wonderful time singing and listening to a sermon about the 9-11 attacks and how the gospel is our on true comfort and aid to strike out the fear in which terrorist try and plant in our hearts and minds. Later that day I settled in for the first full day of football. Later that evening the Banks (Tim, Kirsten, Malcolm, and Aubrey) came over for dessert and to watch the Dallas Cowboys game. It was so sad that the Cowboys lost, but I think that we found some lifelong friends in the Banks family. During the game, Tara headed down to ABIA to pick up my mom who had flown to Ohio to attend the wedding of a close family friend. Tara did not get home until about 11:45 and we did not get into bed until after midnight.
Monday – 12 Sep 11 – Up at 4:45 for a 5:30 Georgetown run with Jill, Monday was a cool morning. Afterwards I came home and work the better part of the day and then after work and after dinner, the family gathered up and went get Shaved Ice on Mays. On the way home from getting the shaved ice, Zion started screaming that he lost the penny that he had found. I tried to settle him down and told him that I would find it when we got home and that’s when he said that, “You can never find it, because I swallowed it.” When we got home Tara called Treehouse to be told that we needed to check his stool for a week until we found the penny or we would need to bring him in for an X-ray.
Tuesday – 13 Sep 11 – On Tuesday morning, I went into work at Dell (had lunch with Julie and Jamie at the Vietnamese Restaurant by HEB) and then after work I headed up to Texas State to teach my MGT 4375 class.
Wednesday – 14 Sep 11 – Another 5am run with Jill in Georgetown and then worked from home the remainder of the day. After work I had a treatment with Dr. Morris and also ran into Jamie Echols. After my treatment, I took Phoenix to his first soccer practice of the season and then he and I had a daddy date and we went out for some Mexican food at a nearby restaurant.
Thursday – 15 Sep 11 – Kirsten Banks and I meet at 4am at the Church and we ran 8 miles and finished by 6:15 so that she could get home to relieve Tim. I worked from home the rest of the day and then that night headed up to Texas State to teach MGT 4390J.
Friday – 16 Sep 11 – Friday morning, I worked from home all day. Then after work I took my angel out to dinner at one of favorites: Baris Pizza and Pasta in Pflugerville. Afterwards we stopped into Harbor Freight to pick up some really cheap stocking stuffers for Christmas. We also made reservations at 7:15 pm at Gumbo’s so that we could have some dinner. That sat us out on the patio where a singer was singing mostly country songs which was great. We had our dessert (Chocolate Bread Pudding), while we listened and sang along and it was a nice relaxing evening.
Saturday – 17 Sep 11 – On Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 for a 16-mile 5am run. After the run I came home and took a shower and then Tara, my mom, and I jumped in the Altima and headed to Corsicana to attend the funeral of my Godmother’s daughter Vera Parham. We left at about 10 until 11, and arrived at 10 after 1pm. We went straight to my Godmother Aline’s house so that we could change clothes. When we arrived the house had about 40 people there and was very crowded. After we changed clothes, we were about to leave, but then everyone there said that we had to wait to say a prayer. Once Charles, Vera’s son arrived, Bishop Davis said a prayer and then we all headed up the street to 6th Avenue Baptist Church. As we were waiting to go in to the church (it was almost 100 outside), we noticed more and more people coming to the church which could only hold about 150 people. By the time that we got to the front of the church, my mother was feeling light headed so we went around to the back to find Mable Scott (Scott Funeral Home) to let her know that we were going to stop by to see her husband Bob, but that we were leaving because it had become too hot and we could not get inside the church. We went by the funeral home to visit with Bob and Faith (his daughter) and then we headed back to Round Rock.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Running Journal - Non-Runners Marathon Trainer - Week 11

Monday (missing Garmin Data) 5 Miles with Jill in Georgetown

Wednesday - 5 Miles with Jill in Georgetown

Thursday - 8 Miles with Kirsten

Saturday - 16 Miles at 5:30 am starting from the house and then headed out 8 miles and then doubled back. Felt really good all the way there and all the way home.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 28 August - 10 September 2011

Sunday - 28 August 2011 - We all attended all three hours of church. At the end of the three hour block, I was looking for Tara and the boys and she had already made her way to the car so after about 25 minutes of searching I found her and we made our way home to a delicious crock pot pot roast and potatoes. The boys did not really want anything to do with dinner. After we ate we pull out the water bath canner and hookup over 46 1/2 pints and 9 pints of fig jam. This was not the smartest thing in the world to have four burners going at once when the temperature is over 100 degrees outside. We had the AC set on 70 but by 8 pm the house was a nice balmy 80 degrees. Later that evening we settled into catching up on America's Got Talent episodes.

Monday - 29 August 2011 - I had a 5:30 run in Georgetown and Phoenix went to school at 7:20. Tara and the Penman's are taking turns dropping off and picking up the kids so she had this week off.

Tuesday - 30 August 2011 - Tuesday morning I had to go in to work early for an All Hands meeting by Liz Kreller my 2nd line manager. Tuesday evening my 4375 class met for the first time.

Wednesday - 31 August 2011 - I had a 5:30 morning run in Georgetown with Jill and then I came home to settle in for work. My hip was still bothering me, so I went to see Dr. Murphy to get an adjustment. He also referred me to a Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Tara Morris, whom he shares as office.

Thursday - 1 September 2011 - Kristen Banks and I met at the Church at 5:00 and ran for five miles and then she broke off and I completed the last two miles by myself. Tara took me to lunch at Moonies in Cedar Park and then we went to Walmart and purchased a new tank for Red. Afterwards I stopped in at Home Depot to have a carpet measure set up for the next day. On my way to school that evening I stopped in at REI and traded in my Garmin 410 for the new Garmin 610. Thursday night Tara attended Parent's information night at the school with Mrs. McBride.

Friday - 2 September 2011 - Friday morning I had my first appointment with Dr. Tara Morris at her Lamar office. Then I met my AKPsi posse for lunch at Pluckers, and then checked my email and my boss told us to take the rest of the day, so I went to see the Debt. That afternoon Home Depot came and did the measure for the carpet. For dinner Tara and I went to see My Idiot Brother at the Alamo Draft House.

Saturday - 3 September 2011 - On Saturday I got up for the first of three 16 milers. I was in a little pain and ended up doing alot of walking after about 10.5 miles, but I finished. I was so tired that I slept for almost three hours in the afternoon. For dinner, Tara and I ate at Taco Bell, and then went to the Regal 16 to see Crazy, Stupid Love.

Sunday - 4 September 2011 - We all attended the three hour block at Church and then came home to relax for a while and then we headed out to Lakeway (the long way: 620-45-MOPAC-Bee Caves-71-620) to celebrate Justin Yule's 40th Birthday. When we got out to their house I called my mom for about 20 minutes to tell her happy birthday.It was a wonderful party which was catered by Pappa's catering (they had the big SHRIMPS), a great guitarist/musician, and a full bar. We tried going home east on 620 but the police turned us around at Mansfield Dam due to the wild fires in Steiner Ranch. On the way home we listened to KLBJ and found out that the Bastrop wildfires were out of control, and there were several other fires in the area.

Monday - 5 September 2011 - On Monday morning I slept and met Jill in Georgetown to run 5 miles at 7 am. On my way home from the run I called Lara Gradt to find out if they had been affected by the wildfires and she told me that her and her family were staying in a hotel in Lakeway waiting to get back into their home. I also reached out to Stephanie Pike who lives in Steiner. She said that they were staying in a friends empty apartment. After I came home and cleaned up we loaded up the van with Ms. Meka and headed out to Cedar Park to The Big Bounce followed by lunch at McD in which all of the kids had a double cheeseburger (no nuggets). For dinner that evening we headed over to Round Rock to have dinner with the Tucks. In attendance were Jill's parent's and her sister-in-law and her three boys. After dinner we had Family Home Evening which consisted of Jill's preparing a wonderful lesson about Labor Day. We all had dessert after (I made the yummy five flavor cake.) and then headed home to prepare for another week.

Tuesday - 6 September 2011 - I went into work at Dell on Tuesday and was able to spend the day with my counterpart, Juile Diep. Julie, Jamie, and I all went for Thai next to the HEB on 1325. My friends were able to get into their homes who were affected by the wildfires.

Wednesday - 7 September 2011 - Wednesday at 5:30 am I ran 5 miles in Georgetown and then came home to several meetings. I had my chiropractic appointment at 11:15 and then that afternoon at 4pm Tara had her appointment with Dr. Tipton at the Back and Spine Center. $50 later we left with no idea where her hip/back pain is coming from. You would think that after four appointments he would have already asked for up to date xrays and MRIs. We met Scott, Kasey Ann, Reed, and Ryder Rasmussen for dinner at Mesa Rosa to celebrate Scott's birthday which was on Sunday, but we were all at Justin's.

Thursday - 8 September 2011 - I woke up at 445 am to shower and shave and prepare to teach 9th Grade Seminary. I lelft the house early so that I could go by Shipley's and get the class donuts. My class was about the blessing of family history and mostly came from Moses Chapter 6.  I took the book that Aunt Karen put together for families at the reunion this summer to show examples (Thanks again Aunt Karen).  Then later on Thursday I ran 8 miles with Kirsten Banks and then settled in for a laid back day at work. In the afternoon I received a call from Mama Nell (Zanell Cain) to find out the Vera Parham (my Godmother's daughter) passed away earlier that morning and that her mother-in-law, Rosie Lee Sims James, 101, a resident of Corsicana, Texas, entered Heaven to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Monday, Sept. 4, 2011.

Friday - 9 September 2011 - Friday morning I had to take my mom to the Airport so that she could fly to Ohio to attend a wedding. On my way back to town, I had a appointment with Dr. Tara Morris to work on my IT Band which I injured about two weeks ago. After my appointment with her, I swung by Scott's for his quarterly house clearing. This quarter was a car full of toys. For lunch lunch I saw Contagion at Regal 16. Then i came home to take about 2 hours of Ethics training online. For dinner Tara and I went to Hudson's on the Bend. It was quite the experience in fine dining.

Saturday - 10 September 2011 - Saturday started at 6am with a 16 mile run at Brushy Creek Trail. After I made my way home, we gathered up the boys and went back to the Brushy Creek Splash Park. After lunch we all watch America's Got Talent and then Tara took a nap while I picked up around the house and worked on updating the blogs.

Running Journal - Non-Runners Marathon Trainer - Week 10

This week started with a mile increase during the week from 4 to 5 for my short runs and from 7 to 8 for my medium.

On Monday and Wednesday I ran with Jill in G-town. It was so nice. On both Monday and Wednesday mornings the temperatrue dipped down into the the 60's which is almost 20 degrees cooler than it has been.

For my medium run on Thursday, I took an early lunch and ran at 9 in the morning with Kirsten Banks. We started at the chruch and then went out almost four miles and then doubled back and split off when she took her kids to Pepper Rock Park and I headed back to the Church.

Saturday morning started good with a great night of sleep. Since the temperature dropped this past week, I decided not to start my run until 6 am. I also remembered to take a protein bar and the extra Ipod this morning. I started about 6:10 and ran into a few familiar faces on the trail (Dianna (Phoenix's old soccer coach), Michael Duke, Jenny Taylor Schleuter, Jay Van Sickle, and Leilani Parente Rogers). Today was the first day that I did feel any pain in my hip. I have three more treatments left with Dr. Tara Morris and I would recommend anyone to her if they have the same injury. Jammed all 16 miles to some great tunes, especially 3 Doors Down and Bruno Mars.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Running Journal - Non-Runners Marathon Trainer - Week 9

Week 9 started with week 2 running in Georgetown at San Gabriel Park with Jill Seidenberger. On Monday while we were finishing our 4 mile run, I was pushing myself up the hills like I normally do, but today, I tweaked something in my hip and I had to walk the last quarter of a mile. Tuesday was a non running day, and then

Wednesday I met up with Jill again to do another 4 miles. Took it real easy today and was able to finish the run. On Wednesday afternoon, I made a visit to Dr. Murphy our family Chiropractor. He gave me an adjustment, and referred me to Tara Morris a Sports Chiropracter.

On Thursay I met up with Kirsten Banks at the Stake Center and we ran starting at 5:10 until 6:30 and were able to get in 5 miles and then doubled back to the RRSC and then broke off from her and compelted another 2 miles.

I had an appointment with her on Friday and she determined that I had injured my IT Band and determined a course of treatment. The good thing was that I did not have to stop my training.

On Saturday I rose at 4:30 to get ready for the first of three (3) 16 miles long runs. I started at 5:15 and the first 8 miles was fine and then when I hit mile 10, I started to think that I could walk for a little while and then pick back up running, but that never happened. Once I started walking, I never really picked up running again except for a few short spurts. I finished the entire 16 miles in 4.5 hours.