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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review - 10 March - 29 March 2012

Thursday – 29 March 2012 - Worked from home. Then taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday – 28 March 2012 – Worked in the office in the morning. Had 1x1 with my manger and then went home at 1pm. Met Tara at Bushes about 1:30 and then went home and took a nap. Called the manager who hired me at about 4 and then later that evening took the family to the Yogurt Experience.

Tuesday – 27 March 2012 – Worked @ Dell. Then taught MGT 4370.

Monday – 26 March 2012 - Worked from home.

Sunday – 25 March 2012 – I got up and took Faith for her morning walk. In Fast and Testimony meeting, I bore my testimony about Blacks and the Priesthood and also about home teaching. Many of the ward members came up and hugged me and told me that they really were moved by my words today.

Saturday – 24 March 2012 – I got up with the boys and then took Faith for her morning walk. Tara got up at 10. Then I went to check on the Truck. Should be ready by next Wednesday. Then I went to Petco to sign up for pet training (we had a $20 coupon that expired on Sunday.) Afterwards I worked on Meka computer the rest of the afternoon.

Friday – 23 March 2012 – Work / Then headed to San Marcos and meet with Paula Rechner / Then had short time with Brian Miller / and then headed to the San Marcos Conference Center for the 10th Anniversary of the Education Doctoral Program. I sat with Julie Diehl from my cohort. The only other person from cohort 03 was Pam Johnson.

Thursday – 22 March 2012 – Work / School

Wednesday – 21 March 2012 – Received accolade during morning meeting at work and then received some unfavorable news at work today, Meet Tara at Bush's and told Tara about it and then called my old boss at Dell and received some good advice from him. After dinner we took the boys to the Yogurt Experience.

Tuesday - 20 March 2012 – Worked in the office today

Monday – 19 March 2012 – Work from home. Tara was able to get Dr. to call in a prescription for Imitrix.

Sunday – 18 March 2012 – Stayed at home today. Did not attend church. Tara had a very bad migraine.
Later in the evening I took the boys to Great Oaks to play some basketball. We played until made two baskets.

Saturday – 17 March 2012 – Vern's 5k/ Ihop / Massages / Maru / Naps / Tara in bed at 3pm

Friday – 16 March 2012 – Estancia/Movies/Home

Thursday – 15 March 2012 – Work from home / Tara & Beth and Boys to Waco Zoo / Rodeo and The Band Perry – Meka overnight

Wednesday – 14 March 2012 – Worked @ Dell / Tara and Boys to Jumpstreet

Tuesday – 13 March 2012 – Six Flags / Meet with Allen Johnson

Monday – 12 March 2012 – Worked from Home / Gattiland for dinner with Hinze's

Sunday – 11 March 2012 – Church / Home

Saturday – 10 March 2012 – Tara up with the boys at about 6:30 and then I got up a little after 7 and started working on the blog. Tara came up at 7:30 to tell me that Jennifer Dial said we could have one of the puppies.

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