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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 25-31 December 2011

Sunday - 25 December 2011 - We all got up at 6am and I started working on the Prisnut and the boys were chomping at the bit to open presents. We started opening gifts at about 7am and then it was all over about 40 minutes later. Afterwards we got ready for 11am Church. We only made it about 50 minutes before the the baby was ready to go home. The boys spent the remainder of the day playing with their new DS's and I was able to watch a little football.

Monday - 26 December 2011 - Tara was spent from the Christmas Day so she and I basically slept the entire day except for watching the 1st Harry Potter movie. We did not get out of bed until 4 pm in the afternoon.

Tuesday - 27 December 2011 - On Tuesday morning we started watching the 2nd Harry Potter movie, but did not finish it. Then we spent the rest of the day starting to put away nativity decorations.

Wednesday - 28 December 2011 - Wednesday we worked on the garage in the morning and then for dinner Tara and I went to Freebirds.

Thursday - 29 December 2011 - Thursday, I took Phoenix and Zion to Jump Street at the the mall. Then we chilled out at the house the remainder of the day.

Friday - 30 December 2011 - Friday morning we work on getting the house back in order. I worked in the garage and Tara in the house. I had lunch with Jerel Walters at Texas Roadhouse for lunch. For dinner I picked up three family pizzas and we went to the Hinze's for dinner.

Saturday - 31 December 2011 - Got to sleep in until almost 9am. Then I got up and did a little work around the house and then jumped in the shower. Tara and I headed out at about 11:30 and we stopped by Josh and Chrissta's. They gave us two of the cutest little rocking chairs for the boys. After that we stopped by Michaels to check on our frames we were having done for the upstairs family room. We had my birthday lunch at Estancia Chucurria at the Arboretum. Then we took the new Sherlock Holmes movie at Gateway.

Monday, December 19, 2011

1Morgan Family Week in Revie w -- 18-24 December 2011

18 December 2011 - Sunday - Tara got up with the boys and I got to sleep in. We all had breakfast together and then we chilled out at the house and put the boys down for a nap at 10:30 (which they never really fell asleep). Then at 1:30 we loaded up the car and headed south on IH35 to San Antonio to take the boys to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. We arrived at 3:40 and stayed until almost 7pm. All three boys had a great time. We left the park and stopped by McDonald's and then headed back up IH35. We all had a great time and can't wait until we take a trip together back to Fiesta Texas.

19 December 2011 - Monday - Tara took the boys to see the new Chipmunks movies in Cedar Park with Chrissta's family. I went to see "The Sitter" in Round Rock. Spent the rest of the day preparing for Tara's surgery the next day.

20 December 2011 - Tuesday - Tara and I had to check in at the hospital at 1300 and then we were escorted to our pre-surgery room at 1330. We then sat for the next 4.5 hours until they took Tara for surgery at 1800. I went to get something to eat and then went to Frys to buy the boys new headphones (ran into a lawyer friend from DADS) and then I headed back to the hospital. Dr. Stovall came and spoke to me a little after 2000 and then I was told at 2100 that I could go up to Tara's room (438). Right after I made it to the room they brought in Tara about 2130. I stayed with her for about 30 minutes and then I headed home to relieve Josh who was at the house watching the boys.

21 December 2011 - Wednesday - Got up with Zion at about 0630. Sarita came at 0700 and then I headed to Cedar Park to Discount Tire for the Beast. Afterwards I went to Home Depot to say hello to some old friends. I found out that one of my coworkers, Gary Corbett, was suffering from back cancer and is in a rehab facility near 183 and Spicewood Springs. I then went to drop of the tires with the mechanic and then I headed to the hospital to see Tara. After I checked in on Tara I headed to south Austin and dropped off a Christmas gift with the Thorley family. Then I had an 1100 appointment at the VA Clinic on Montopolis to see the occupational therapist about the shoulder and back pain. Whinen my appointment was finished, I headed out to Del Valley to drop off the present for the Smith family. I ate lunch at the new chinese buffet next to Tinseltown. After I ate I went to see the new Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol. Then I headed back to the hospital and stayed with Tara for about an hour and then I came home to see the boys before they went to bed.
22 December 2011 - Thursday - Got up with Exodus 0550 and then Phoenix got up and 0615 with Zion pulling up the rear and about 0630. Once Sarita got here at 0700, I called Tara to check in on her. Afterwards I headed to the Williamson County Courthouse Annex on 3406 only to find out that I am no where near getting the Beast titled in my name. I have to track down the previous owner and get them to sign an application. After 20 minutes at the Courthouse, I headed down 620 to Walmart to pick up the remainder of the Site to Store order for Phoenix for Christmas. Then I had to make a trip to Target to get cases for Phoenix and Zion's Nintentdo DS's. Afterwards I came home, checked on the boys and then took a nap.
In the afternoon, I organized the jewelery amoire and then I wrapped Tara's presents for Christmas while watching several episodes of Terra Nova.

23 December 2011 - Friday - Got up with the boys and worked around the house during the morning. In the afternoon, left the house at 1:30pm to pick up Tara from the Hospital at 2:00 pm. Got Tara home and then chilled out the remainder of the day.

24 December 2011 - Saturday - Got up with the boys and then got everything together to make a Prisnut for my mom. Spent most of the day around the house. Tara rested most of the day. Once it got dark we took some presents over to to the Delis' home and then stopped by McD's and checked out Christmas lights along the way. Once the boys went to bed Tara and I got the last of the presents wrapped and under the tree.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 11-17 December 2011

Sunday - 11 December 2011 - Tara and I were able to sleep in as Meka got up with the boys. We all got showered and dressed, had a hearty breakfast and then headed to Church. I was sort of sad as it was going to be my last Sunday with my Sunday School Class. We found out today that our new block for Church in 2012 would be from 8:30-11:30, and in 2013 we would meet from 10:30-1:30. After Church we all rested and then after dinner, we decided to have Family Home Evening and for our activity we delivered Christmas Presents. Then I came home to disappointment as the Cowboys surrendered a 12 point lead to the Giants to lose the game and their 1st place standing in the NFC East.

Monday - 12 December 2011 - Monday I worked from home in the morning as I was getting my computer system worked on virtually from Dell. Tara had a 9:15 appointment with Dr. Stovall which I listened to over the telephone. After it was all said and done, we decided to have a second surgery. Tara set it up for Tuesday the 20th of December. Worked on getting my Test Directer reinstalled all Monday afternoon and then called it a day about 4pm. I had my first coach's meeting at the YMCA for Zion's soccer team the Force at 6:30.

Tuesday - 13 December 2011 - I had my lab draw at the VA in Cedar Park and then grabbed a quick breakfast at IHOP and then headed into the office. Tara came and picked me up for lunch and we went to Mongolian at La Frontera. Afterwards we stopped by Best Buy to secure my Christmas present. Then she dropped me off and headed back to the house. I worked until 4 and then stopped by Hunt and Company to pick up two lots I had won on the 3rd. Afterwards I stopped by Half Price Books (looked for a Christmas Present for a coworker) and then I met Tara at Cinemark Tinseltown to see New Year's Eve (nice feel good movie). Tara then went to Walmart to pick up several presents which shipped Site to Store and I headed home. Got the boys in bed and then we ate some leftovers for dinner and wrapped a few more presents while watching some TV.

Wednesday - 14 December 2011 I went into the office on Wednesday for half the day. On Wednesday night Tara attended a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party with Natalie in the Brushy Creek Ward.

Thursday - 15 December 2011 I had to attend a Town Hall meeting in the basement of RR1 by our new CIO, Andi K. After the meeting I stopped and talked to her for a minute about the new people strategy. I told her that I would follow up with an email. After the town hall I had my bi-weekly 1x1 with my manager in Ireland. I then made my way to the office holiday party held at Renee Morris' home in the Paloma Lake subdivision. After our Christmas party, I stopped by my office at school to pick up papers and drop off a few gifts to Jill, Karen, Barbara, and Vanessa. From there I stopped by JCPenny, to U-Haul (to pick up covers for the twin bed I am moving to the garage), Timemasters, and Walmart to pick up bread.

Friday - 16 December 2011 - Friday morning Phoenix has his Christmas party at school which Tara, Zion, and I attended. Then when we came home, Tara and Ellis Demars stopped by for a short visit. Then Tara and I had lunch from Subway where I ran into Brandon and Jill Wagonner from Church. Worked the remainder of the day and then on Friday night after dinner we took a Christmas gift to Robert at JC Penny. We capped the night with a visit to The Yogurt Experience.

Saturday - 17 December 2011 - I got up with the boys at 530 am. Worked on a few Christmas Cards and continued cleaning the upstairs family room. Once Tara got up I had to go back to JC Penny to pick the curtain panel that I left in the cart from the night before. I then headed down to LCM for a 1030 appointment. I came home and lunch and then Tara and I headed down to Bass Concert Hall to see Beauty and the Beast. After the show we headed downtown to have dinner at Mai Thia which is owned by the previous owner of Thamnak Thai in Cedar Park. We headed back north to Round Rock, did some grocery shopping at HEB. Then I came home to watch the Dallas Cowboys finally win a game in December.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 4-10 December 2011

Sunday – 4 Dec 11 - Conference weekend at Church, we did not
attend. Tara is still in a lot of pain and not feeling well. Josh came over in
the afternoon and we gave Tara a blessing.

Monday – 5 Dec 11 – Worked from home all day. Phoenix had
sealants applied at Dr. Freeze’s office. Melanie said that Phoenix did not want
to participate afterwards. We should have just let him say home after his
appointment. For family home evening Tara and I decided to have a discussion
about inappropriate touching.

Tuesday – 6 Dec 11 – Worked in the office all day. Then
later that evening picked up several clocks from Bill Thompson (

Wednesday - 7 Dec 11 – Worked in the office for a half day
then the rest of the day from home. Tara had an appointment with Allison.

Thursday – 8 Dec 11 – I went into the office in the morning
and then had two Social Media courses by Adobe Connect in the afternoon. Phoenix
and Zion had appointments with Dr. Kaiser in Round Rock in the morning. Thursday
night Tara had a Compassionate Service meeting at Katherine B’s house.

Friday – 9 Dec 11 – Worked from home. Tara spent the day
helping Kelly prepare for Tabbie’s birthday party. I met Nicole Watson for
lunch. Then I headed down to LCM for an hour of heaven. Afterwards I went to
WalMart to pick up the Electronics layaway for Christmas. On my way home
stopped by the Parmer CVS to pick up some prescriptions for Tara and the boys.
Came home and did a quick car change and then we all headed to the Lowe’s to
celebrate Tabitha’s 2nd Birthday.

Saturday – 10 Dec 11 – Up at 5:30 with Exodus. In my attempt
to win father of the year award let the boys eat M&Ms for breakfast
(actually I promised that they could have them for breakfast at the party we
were at last night.) On Saturday evening Tara and I attended a benefit at River
Place Country Club to benefit Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 27 November - 3 December 2011

Sunday – 27 November 2011 – Up at 8 or so and then we lazed around the house. Vicki made waffles and Chuck and I settled in to a day of Football. We took a break to head to Rouse’s to pick up stuff for lunch/dinner. Vicki made Chili Mac which was yummy. Watched the noon game, the three o'clock game and then Vicki’s mom and dad came by with a cake and flowers to celebrate Vicki’s Birthday. Then we had some more chili mac for dinner and watched the seven o'clock game. Headed to bed about 11pm

On this end Tara and Meka took the boys to church and this Sunday they released Bishop Romero and call Brother Albright and Brad Nelson to the Bishopric.

Monday – 28 November 2011 – Up at 6:30 packed bags and then Vicki and I went to meet her housing contractor, then headed in to the Hard Rock, Meet all of her staff and then hit the tables and one arm bandits…..was robbed along the way.

Then we met for lunch and afterwards, I explored the hotel and printed my boarding pass. Vicki took me to the airport at about 145 and I made my way home to Austin. Great time on all flights until we got to Austin and the plane had to wait to pull up to gangway for about 20 minutes. Picked up the car from The Parking Spot and got home little after 8pm to see the boys before they went to bed.

Tuesday – 29 November 2011 – This was my last day off from work. In the morning I went into Compass Bank to set up our Mad Money accounts for 2012. Then I picked up a few items at Sams, and then went to the Discount Theater in Round Rock in the afternoon to see The Thing.

Wednesday – 30 November 2011 – Work in the office, Lunch with Jamie E. at Chipotle, Michaels, Dollar Tree, Home, Walk to Racine Trail Park-stopped by to say hello to Sister Albright and Bishop Albright, Set up the Christmas Ducks and small Christmas trees – Phoenix three good days in a row

Thursday – 1 December 2011 – Work early, Walked Phoenix to the school, Run at noon with KB, Phoenix 4 good days in a row, Tara took Phoenix for an eye exam and to order new glasses. A year later this optometrist says that he should NOT be wearing bifocals and that his eyesight has gotten worse. (Nearsighted) and that he does NOT need VISION therapy. Meeting with Edna and other faculty concerning strategic initiatives. Home, Football, Philly lost….yeah.

Friday – 2 December 2011 – Had to work early and then take Tara to the Cedar Park Surgery Center in order to get a targeted epidural. Then we went home so Tara could rest for the remainder of the day. I picked up Phoenix from school in which he had a good day which made for five good days in a row.

Saturday – 3 December 2011- Not much to report for today. I had to stay close to work as we had a deployment. Took a short break and headed over to the stamp auction at Hunt and Company and put in a bid on a few items. Then came home to watch a few football games. That evening Tara and I went to dinner at Rosa's in Cedar Park and then hit a few stores for Christmas.

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 19 - 25 November 2011

Sunday – 20 November 2011 – Tara still not feeling good so she stayed home and I let her sleep and only went to church to teach my Sunday school class and then I came home and she went back to bed. 5:30 we had family and friends over to celebrate Exodus 2ND Birthday (Delis, Hinze, Lowe and Steed)

Monday – 21 November 2011- Tara had follow up the Dr. Stovall. She is still in a lot of pain. He wants to do another MRI and then if it is negative her wants to send her for a Targeted Epidural. At lunch time we had a party at Gattiland for Zion which was attended by, Penman, Barbee, Steed, and Waldorf. I picked up Josh and had him tag along.

Tuesday – 22 November 2011 – Worked from home Not much to report

Wednesday – 23 November 2011 – Had the day off and spent most of it with Tara doing some running around. We ran into Deb Pope at Walmart and then we hit the bank, stopped by my mom’s house and then went to Sprouts to get our dinner for Thanksgiving.

Thursday – 24 November 2011 – Up early and put on my cleats and headed to Cedar Valley, but no one was there so I came home and started trimming trees for the winder. Then I took a break to go to Walmart to pick up a some lawn and leaf bags and then came home and Phoenix and Zion help me load up the branches. Afterwards to started setting up all of the blow up characters in the front yard. In between we had our Turkey dinner that we only paid 29.99 from Sprouts and I watch the Cowboys eek one out. We had baked potatoes for dinner and then I sat down to watch the UT game until about 9:30. Then I headed to WalMart to partake in the madness that is Black Friday. I ran into Beth Delis who was with her sister and her mom. Beth’s sister got on her hands and knees and got all of the size 8 pajamas we wanted to get and then after I was able to pay a young man 5 dollars to find me a cart (they were in short supply). Once I had my basket loaded then I finally got in line to get my mother a TV. At midnight they released the TVs and I was able to get one and then I stopped by WhatABurger on my way home.

Friday – 25 November 2011 – Day started at 6am when Tara went to JoAnn’s to purchase Suggle fabric for only 1.99 a yard. Then once Tara came back home, Zion and I headed to my moms to deliver the TV we purchased at WalMart early that day. Zion and I picked up my moms cable box and return it to Time Warner and picked up a new HD Box and then came back to her apartment to set it up. During the same time, Tara took Phoenix to JCPenny for his 6 ½ year pictures. Afterwards, we all went home to take a much needed nap. Lazed around the remainder of the day and then had Turkey day leftovers for dinner.

Saturday – 26 November 2011 – Up at 4:30am and headed to airport at 5. Was raining so I had to drive slow, but made it to the Parking Spot about 5:40. Then caught shuttle to ABIA. Once I printed my boarding pass, it took me about 20 minutes to get through security. First flight to Dallas was right on time and then in Dallas only had about 40 minutes to get on my next flight. Arrive at Biloxi Airport and Vicki and her husband, Charles (Chuck), picked me up. We then headed to Chucks work to pick up a car he needed to drop off. After a short stop at their house we then went to see the house they were remodling and then stopped by her mom’s house to say hello. Was able to get a short nap in and then at 5:30 we headed into Gulfport to the Hard Rock. We met up with Vicki’s sister, XXXXX and her daughter and friend and had dinner at the Buffet (Crablegs, Shrimp, Mussels……Yummy). At about 7:30 we went upstairs for my surprise from Vicki. She got us VIP Meet and Greet passes and I got to meet Chris Cagle before the concert and take a picture with him. Then at 8 the concert started and it was everything that I thought it would be…..FANTASTIC. Afterwards we headed home and finally got in bed about midnight.

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 13 - 19 November 2011

Sunday – 13 November 2011 – Met the Galloway crew at Twin Lakes for an 8 mile run, then we went to Chuch where I taught Sunday School and then came home and watch football and have dinner.

Monday – 14 November 2011 – Family Home Evening we showed by the boys how to use the Emergency flashlights and radio.

Tuesday – 15 November 2011 - Nothing much to report today but work and school.

Wednesday – 16 November 2011- Wednesday was Zion's birthday and Tara (along Kelly and Tabbie) with took him to lunch at McDonald's with the gift card that Grandma Margaret gave him.

Thursday – 17 November 2011- Thursday was Exodus' birthday, but with appointments and work (Dell and School) we decided to celebrate his birthday on Sunday with family and friends.

Friday – 18 November 2011 – Had the day off from Dell. Participated as a panel member in the Round Rock ISD Academy Presentations. This is held at the Round Rock Campus of Texas State so that RRISD 9th graders get an opportunity to talk to people who work in the fields of the academies in which they might want to participate. Lasted all of the morning until about 2 pm and then I stopped by the Cinemark in Round Rock to see Breaking Dawn Part I.

Saturday – 19 November 2011- In the morning we got up and dressed the boys for their annual picture with Santa. The first one did not turn out well because as Santa made his way to his chair he tripped over the chain and scared Exodus who wanted nothing to do with him when it was our turn to take the picture so we got in line again and tried to take a 2nd picture which turned out worse that the 1st. On a positive note we got in line the 2nd time with an old co-worker, Angie Fitzgerald, and her family and also the Turners from the Brushy Creek Ward. T Then we had lunch at the Mall Food Court and then in the afternoon, I took Phoenix and Zion to a Texas State Foot ball Game.