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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Morgan Family Week in Review -- 10-17 June 2012

Sunday - 17 June 2012 - Woke up at seven after a very fitful night of sleep. Made the bed and started updating the blog.

Saturday - 16 June 2012 - Woke up at about 7am with Zion after going to bed at midnight after the Michael Jackson Cirque show. Cleaned house for a little while and then Vince Penmen, my home teacher, knocked on the door at about 8:15. Started working in the garage on Steps 2-5 of constructing the shed. About 9:30 we moved the operation to the back yard and started on step 6. About 10:30 Mark Pope joined us. We got the sides up pretty quick and then my MIL mentioned that we should take pictures so I started taking pictures of our progress. We had lunch about 1 and then continued working until about 4:30. Mark and I talked for a while about coins and then I stopped in on Barb and Russ to tell them about our neighbor Kasey and then I went to the hospital to check on Erik, Kasey's husband.

Friday - 15 June 2012 - Worked @ home in the morning and had several call. Then at 1:30 had an appointment at LCM. Stopped by Fry's and Harbor Freight on my way home. At Fry's I signed up for Direct TV. Then I came home to have a meeting with the Great Oaks PTA Box Tops Coordinator. After the meeting I took a quick shower and Tara and I headed to St. David's Round Rock to visit our neighbor Kasey Wiley Butler. I went back to the ICU room to talk with Erik Butler and gave him a hug and received and update on Kasey's condition. Afterwards Tara and I headed to Arbor Walk to have dinner at Lupe Tortilla but they had an hour wait list so we went to Mimi's instead. After dinner we drove down to the Frank Irwin Center to settle in to watch Cirque du Soliel's Michael Jackson's Immortal Concert. I can truly say this was the best show that I have every seen in my life.

Thursday - 14 June 2012 - Worked @ Dell, then went to school and taught MGT 4375.

Wednesday - 13 June 2012 - Worked at Dell. Then came home and FIL and I inventoried shed contents and then I worked on step 1.

Tuesday - 12 June 2012 - Worked @ home. Went into work at 11am to meet with Stacey Zoll to discuss a different BSA position within IT. Cub Scout meeting at 5:30. Great meeting very emotional. (Insert Picture)

Monday - 11 June 2012 - Worked @ home. MGT 5312 Great Class.

Sunday - 10 June 2012 - Church, taught Sunday School, then came home and picked up around the house.

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