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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 6 - 12 November 2011

Sunday - 06 Nov 11 - On Sunday morning we took the boys to the Olsen Meadows park and then afterwards I had to pick up a steroid prescription for Tara from CVS. Finally watched the Cowboys get a win and then I hooked up some ribeyes on the grill for dinner.

Monday - 07 Nov 11 - For FHE we opened up the package of hand crank flashlights and the hand crank radio and showed the boys how to use them in case of an emergency.

Tuesday -08 Nov 11 – I headed in early to work as I had a GCCS all-hands meeting in Houston. Then I worked until lunch time and then headed home to put the baby down for his afternoon nap. I worked from home the remainder of the day and then was able to hang out at the house at that night.

Wednesday – 09 Nov 11 – I went in to work for the morning. On Wednesday morning, Tara and Kelly took Zion and Exodus up to the chruch for a playdate. I headed home at lunch to get the baby into the crib and grabbed some lunch and then took Phoenix to his appointment with Alison. On Wednesday night Tara and I attended the Texas State Round Rock Campus Veterans Day Celebration and then afterwards we had dinner at Mimi's at University Oaks (This is the 2nd time that we have had dinner there in the past 60 days and it was horrible again). 

Thursday – 10 Nov 11 – Tara was released to drive today. She said that her pain intensity is getting better, but that she is still in quite a bit of pain. We both went in to talk to Alison at Tara’s noon appointment. That afternoon I tried to tie off several defects which I had been working so that I could enjoy my day off on Friday. Afterschool Phoenix had a playdate with Cade Weibel. Then that evening I had to teach MGT 4390J.

Friday – 11 Nov 11 – I started my day off with a  visit to Great Oaks Elementary for their Veterans Day Celebration. Then Rebecca Sage and I went to Denny’s for a free breakfast. After breakfast I came home for a short spell to see Tara handcraft Zion’s 4th Birthday party invitations. I then headed out for some free Veteran’s Day chicken wings and a stop by Wal-Mart to pick some items for the house. Afterwards I came home to relax for a little while. After school Pheonix had a playdate with William Hammond. Then a 5pm Tara and I headed to Applebee’s for a free Veterans Day dinner.  After dinner Tara and I went to see the movie Tower Heist (I was actually pleased with Eddie Murphy’s performance.) After the movie we went back to Wal-Mart for a few items for Sunday dinner.

Saturday – 12 Nov 11 – Up at 5:45 am with Exodus and then the other boys got up in 15 minute increments. Once I had everyone dressed, and hair done, we headed to IHOP for breakfast. We then came some so that Tara could take Phoenix to the Brushy Creek Recreation Center for a Birthday party from one of his 1st Grade classmates. After the party, Tara and I stopped by Timemasters to check on our grandfather clock and to pick up batteries for several of the clocks around the house. Then we proceeded downtown to the UT Campus for the matinee production of South Pacific.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Morgan Family Week in Review - 30 October - 5 November 2011

Sunday – 30 Oct 11 – Sunday morning I got up at about 5 and fed the boys. Then Meka came at 8am and I headed out to Dell Diamond. I knocked out a kick 5k to Support BLOV (Bobcats Leaving Out Violence). Then I came home and got ready for church. Only Meka, the boys and I went. Tara still was not feeling well. This Sunday was the Annual Primary Program. Phoenix and Zion did an outstanding job with their individual parts, and with the all of the singing parts. Sunday after church was a very relaxing day. All of the boys went down for naps. Sunday afternoon Beth Delis came by to visit with Tara and to drop off dinner. Then later the Owar’s brought us over a casserole, and then the Peeks brought over a pasta dish and a peach cobbler.

Monday – 31 Oct 11 – On Monday we were up about 5:30 and then started getting ready for school. I pickup the Penman’s and then dropped them all off at school. I am working from home every day this week because Tara cannot drive for two weeks. Monday night we had Family Home Evening at 5:30 in which the kids are really starting to get into. This was our second week in a row. After FHE I sat down at the computer to formalize the FHE schedule. I need to get upstairs to find the several books that we have for FHE ideas.

Tuesday – 1 Nov 11 – Got up at 5:45 and started getting Phoenix ready for school. Loaded up Phoenix and headed to pick up the Penman boys at 7:22. Came home and then settled in to a day of work. At lunch time I took Tara to an appointment with Allison and then we stopped in for a quick lunch at Hao Hao’s. At 2:26 I started walking up to the school to pick up the boys from school and then we all walked home. When we got to our house, I gave the Penman boys some wood projects to work on from Home Depot and gave Phoenix a new reading light. Tuesday night I headed up to Texas State to teach 4375. While I was gone, Barb Sage brought over dinner which we put in the frigde to have on Wednesday night.

Wednesday – 2 Nov 11 – Up at 5:30am to start the day. Since it was so early decided to bake some brownies and cakes as thank you gifts for all of the people who had brought over meals (Owour, Delis, Peek, Lugo), there are several other friends (Sage, Barber, and Bolliger), but I only had four mixes at the house right now. Then I worked from 8-5. That evening I loaded up all of the goodies in the car and delivered them to folks.

Thursday – 3 Nov 11 – Up at 6 am, the day starts for the Morgan boys. Had to work in the morning and then had a 10am appointment with the MDCP Social Worker and nurse for recertification for another year. We also had to stop by the school to see Phoenix and when we got there to sign in Chrissta had Phoenix in the office because he had been disruptive in the cafeteria. I worked the remainder of the day and then drove carpool again. Phoenix’s teacher was waiting for me at the carpool line to tell me that he had hit his wellness teacher. That afternoon he had one hour of restriction in his room for his negative behavior. At 5pm Sarita came over to drive Tara for a followup MRI because her back pain had returned and I went up to the Round Rock Campus to teach MGT 4390J. After school I came home and had some chicken with Tara and then at 10:05 I went to the movies to see Time Out.

Friday – 4 Nov 11 – Up again at 6 am, the dawn breaks again. I make eggs and toast for the boys and then take Phoenix to school. He forgets his school bag and so I send an email to his teacher saying that I will drop it off after I take Zion and Exodus over to Michele Steed’s for a play date with Sophie. I drop off the other two boys at about 8:45 and then I stop by the school to drop off the back pack. Then I take the mini van by Lamb’s Automotive to put air in all four tire and then come back to the house. By the way this is one of my days off. At 10 I go by Michael's to check on some frames which have not arrived yet and then stop by Target to exchange the GoGo Fur Walking Pup for a cheaper one at Walmart. At 11:30 I stop in at Chase Bank to open another account to make $125. This will be the start of our savings to go to Disney World in two years. Pick up the two younger boys at 12:30 and then I pick up the carpool bunch at 2:49. Phoenix receive a sticker in his folder today so he got to go over to Liam’s to have a play date. I then came home to get on the computer to update the blog for the past two weeks. Friday night I picked pizza from Papa John's and we had a nice quiet evening at home.

Saturday - 5 Nov 11 - On Saturday morning I headed out in the morning for Coats for Kids and then stopped by HEB Plus to pick up flowers for a few friends. When I came home I gave a bunch of flowers to Barb Sage, and then I delivered flowers and gluten free brownies to Tiffany Barber. I then rushed home and showered and headed out to Cedar Park to meet Kyle Grant and Mandy & Brian Photilack (and of course Master Owen). We all then carpooled to Driftwood to have lunch at Saltlick. We meet Amber O'Dell an her son Cole on the way and then met Liz Grossman and her husband Chris along with her new baby. After lunch we went to Wimberly to drop off Liz's baby and pick up her oldest boy Michael. At about 2:30 we headed to San Marcos to the football game. The Bobcats were playing Prarie View A&M University. It was a pretty good game, and we were down through the 3rd Quarter. Then we all headed home and Mandy, Brian, and Owen stopped by the house so that she could see Master Owen.